Cinema Saturday #41

That came another collection of movies like taken in order to brighten up the cold days of this crazy fall. Movies for any taste and any color, to mourn, to reflect and just laugh in General, as always. One prettier than the other, the bad will not advise.

1. Flashbacks of a fool (Flashbacks of a Fool), 2008

In many Daniel Craig is a sense of disgust with his acting, and generally his presence in the last parts of «Bondiana». But wait, there are rumors that the next James bond (Bonds, as the same cigarettes, don’t last very long) will be all black. So start to love Craig now before it becomes mainstream. And the best way is to look very good and atypical for his film, which dramatically knocked out of the rough situation of the actor.

This is a story about the actor, whose career in Hollywood is almost over, and the years, diligently given to sex, drugs and cinema, ignominiously turned complete disregard on the part of producers and undisguised disgust on the part of the audience. And then he comes the news that he died close to his childhood friend and hero Craig indulges in sweet memories of that summer when he decided to become an actor.

And here begins the most delicious. The movie perfectly conveys the atmosphere that prevailed in the fierce English periphery in the 70s: sedoheptulose matrons, sleeping with young boys, boredom and the craze about David Bowie and Roxy Music. The film has a lot of music, actually, she gives the film its charm, especially at the end when you hear the soundtrack («Sunbreeze» Bryan ferry), and you can’t put credits.

Love, music, script, and gorgeous shot of the ocean make us think about the past, your life and maybe even something to change. In the film there is not much depth, but the impression is strictly positive.

2. Bad Lieutenant (Bad Lieutenant), 1992

manygoodtips.com_23.10.2015_Sw6LqYOT7omWqThere are two excellent and completely different movie with the same name. In one crazy legendary Harvey Keitel, the other from the evils of suffering no less than the legendary Nicolas cage with his famous emotions. We’ll talk about the first, which is older.

Very dirty, very dark and incredibly hard film about dirty from all the monsters that fate works as a COP. That Harvey Keitel is a fine actor, no one doubted, but even this movie makes you look at him, his eyes bulging with delight. Good, Dickens, even in that moment when he catches two charming Schoolgirls masturbating and looking at how one of his request turns his back, and the second simulates oral copulation. The character Keitel full movie sells confiscated from drug dealers crap, he absorbs it in astronomical proportions and loses all the baseball betting. The plot is simple, but the movie is not about the evils and about how nice the COP kills himself. He seems to want to atone for his sins, punish the monsters who raped a nun in the temple, but it is, alas, forgive their abusers. And all around is destroyed with his own hands.

Someone in the film may seem too brutal, but certainly not boring. And strongly recommend to watch it in «Goblin» translation, so to speak, to feel the fullness of the picture.

3. Rob Roy (Rob Roy), 1995

Gentlemen, we have lived up to Liam Neeson in a skirt and without a gun is a highlight. Running Jedi with a saber in «the phantom menace» and role in «Schindler’s List» is not considered. But the role of the cheerful Scotsman, he managed brilliantly. Well, who else can play a principled and courageous Scot, how’s Liam doing? In the scene when he calmly eviscerates the carcass of a dead bull, from which reeks a mile away, to hide her from the English patrol, Neeson looks very convincing.

And here is played by Tim Roth, wonderfully played by the young and ill-toweight noble blood. The character is so disgusting that Rottu even as it is difficult to forgive such a role. For this role, Tim was even nominated for «Oscar». By the way, thanks epic ublyudstvo his hero, Neeson appear the features that it lacks.

The film is full of battle scenes, and the scene of the final battle filmed in the best traditions of the genre, but it’s not about war, but about the nobility and character. It is interesting to look at the relationship of Roy and his wife, who became pregnant after the rape, and summoning up courage official, but miserable Scots and The swarm, and the character Rott. The actors are under to be cash charges, not the TV series for TNT. Against this cruelty somehow not noticed, just like in «the Patriot» with Mel Gibson. Some where and cry, so the movie suitable for watching with your girlfriend.

4. Black rose – an emblem of sorrow, red rose is an emblem of love, 1990

Sergei Solovyov is the only in Russia the person who can make a movie whose level of absurdity is not inferior to the works of Quentin, Duple and Kusturica. But the film Solovyov, unlike other domestic «absurdidad», dynamic, crazy and artistic. After all, people «postmaster» and «Anna Karenina» was filmed. It is possible to speak infinitely, but we remember that all his scripts he writes naked calls his hobby beer. He also wrote naked. And probably beer.

This movie is definitely for those who like to think and not afraid of crazy and weird insertions, like Stalin, do in the country from constipation, and Boris Grebenshchikov, who suddenly emerges from the closet with his band Aquarium, after Alexander Bashirov and Alexander Zbruev start to beat Alexander Abdulov. And all begin to dance. And the little boy, who takes to wife a grown pregnant lady, which sees for the first time in my life, to save from shame.

It is clear that this movie is not about madness, but about people, about human qualities with very colorful characters. Especially shreds in the performance of Bashirov. In those years, none of the informal film could not do without brilliantly played by them renegades. He starred in other films solovievsky trilogy, which includes «Rose» – «AssA» and «House under the starry sky», which is also worth a look, especially the «Assu».

In General, to the credit of the film is delusion everything is kept uniform. Sparkling humor, the script, acting and, as always, laughter through tears. The film, which can be dismantled for quotes, however, not the fact that you will understand.

To call the use of these slops in the middle of the day drinking! It’s a sacrilege! We drink with disgust! Choking!

5. Interview (The Interview), 2014

A lot of below the belt jokes, political satire and mockery of the whole nation. God bless America for what she does not hesitate to take such! Thank you for ceased to be gentle and a little too dramatic for Franco and for the cheerful fat man Seth Rogen! Film some have been hostility, others with delight. He will cause you issue, but to look at the most talked about film of the end of 2014 is clearly necessary. After all, the film caused a scandal which in sweet dreams dreams edition of the program «Let them talk». The Koreans threatened terrorist attacks in the theaters where it was shown. However, the Koreans have achieved the opposite, and the film was uploaded on YouTube. But if you are against the killing of Kim Jong-UN, you can’t.

But there is nothing prohibited. It’s a movie Seth Rogen and James Franco, with lots of jokes about the anus and a share of Pergolesi. A film about bro and very charming Korean dictator, who even becomes a pity, especially when you know what song is his favorite.

Just look at the first half, it’s hilarious how the spectators of «a curve mirror».

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