Film Saturdays #4 there’s another reason to love Saturday morning: you will find another great selection of movies for every taste. The following five got modern films and not, paintings from Europe and Hollywood, so we hope you’ll be able to choose for your evening’s viewing. Light! Camera! Motor!

1. Dogville (Dogville), 2003

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_5wPS02ZQd9xPtLars von Trier inventive and shocking. His controversial work, deep, ambiguous and clearly designed not for the General public. «Dogville» breaks veils with the most vile vices of the human soul, and in the next three hours you will witness an amazing play, where everything is built on contrasts, stunning dialogues and inner tension. Definitely a movie for everybody and for viewing under a certain mood. And if today you decided to meditate on the eternal human questions about evil and virtue, then plug the film, reflection and suspense you will definitely be provided.

2. Hotel «Grand Budapest» (The Grand Budapest Hotel), 2014

The firmament of this film star is shining brightly a scattering of the most talented actors of our time: Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Jude law, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton, bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, saoirse Ronan, and another who with a small cart of other cool people. I can assure you that their characters are no less colorful and charismatic, and the plot will not give bored for a minute. «Hotel «Grand Budapest»» nominated for «Oscar» in nine nominations, and no matter how many awards you get this film, the main award has been and will remain the love of fans of this picture. So what’s the story? About the hotel «Grand Budapest» is, of course, and about its inhabitants, about the adventures of the legendary Concierge Gustav and his protege porter zero Mustafa, about the difficult political situation in the country, about love, loyalty, friendship and adventure. So if last year you were so busy that I missed the premiere, you urgently need to correct this omission.

3. Headhunters (Hodejegerne), 2011

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_N8bYgkiYhb8wF«Headhunters» is an atmospheric Thriller from the producer of «Girl with the dragon tattoo» with a thoughtful and interesting plot. This story will grab and hold you by the balls, starting from the first minute till closing titles. The main character of the film – a rich and successful Roger brown who is willing to cross the line of the law, if only to keep near him his beautiful young wife. And this is an attempt to wishful thinking leads him to the epicenter of a very unpleasant situation and puts life in danger. But to you personally it is only on hand, because now we have a great movie that you can watch on your day off.

4. Boondock saints (The Boondock Saints), 1999

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_13BpxBVW0Q9gmThe shooting of this film took a little over a month, which proves that the creation of this masterpiece requires so much time as we used to think. This movie about two brothers from the Irish, who decided in that whatever was to take vengeance on all criminals and ruthless villains, who are operating in their city. This goal, they are elevated to the rank of Holy mission, armed with a Beretta 92 caliber. This movie mixed with the black humor crime Thriller with elements of drama and dynamic of the plot, foul language and great acting. Here we see a very young Willem Dafoe and Norman Reedus, who we know and love from the time of «the Walking dead». In General, the Boondock Saints have everything you need to make your movie night became interesting and exciting. And best of all – as a bonus the film has a second part, which is not worse than the first.

5. The Blues Brothers (The Blues Brothers), 1980

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_1B5EugdXoa4d6Since we are talking about the brothers with criminal tendencies, we cannot forget about these adorable and talented swindlers. In the center of the story – Jake and Elwood Blues, decided to save from demolition the Church that they are very expensive. The brothers have planned a charity that has become quite a challenging task, given their problems with the law. The bandits, the police, deceived women, the Nazis – who just wants to get even with these musicians in black! Well, for a couple of hours you will be provided with good mood, nice music and excellent humor.

You have a good Saturday, man!

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