Film Saturdays #39

Almost anniversary edition movie on Saturday went, as always, interesting, useful, healthful effect. Only high quality and interesting masterpieces, GMO Kuritsyn and Alexander Nevsky. We you ever break off in this category? No! So feel free to get stuck in the vortex of the film industry. Moreover, nothing else to do, the weather with each day getting worse and worse.


500 days of summer (500 Days of Summer), 2009

And opens up our high-octane supercarburant a compilation film about male suffering. Here is the nail on the head. Now, in October when it got cold even in Sochi, when the leaves turned yellow as the face of the patient with hepatitis, when the «sad time» fascinates with the eyes, only cold wind and rain, when every second question that comes in our edition, as for a broken heart and finding your place in life, this movie just archiecture.

«500 days of summer» is not just the story of the mental anguish is taken separately coy. This is a story about how important this is teeming with temptations of life to find their own calling, the work and the importance of staying true to his dream. Well, the main idea: don’t need to suffer.

This picture is the real star hour the beloved of all women from Trinidad and Tobago to Syzran, Joseph Gordon Levitt and the adorable Zooey Deschanel. Leviticus is playing this close, this clear dude. The whole movie is a step-by-step from having a crush for someone madly in love, but abandoned guy in whose life after the «summer of love» (the girl’s name is summer, meaning «summer»), we saw a severe fall, and began the search for the answer to the question, what the hell is he acted like that.

And all this suffering for Zooey Deschanel, who, as usual, playing the cute, but scum, very tasty and, most importantly, true seasoned music Smiths. Sometimes one gets the feeling that this film was created only in order to remind the Universe that once existed such a group. But there is nothing wrong. Even a very good team.

By the way, it is surprising that the domestic distributors changed the film’s title on some stupid «For leaving me woman?»


Underground (Underground), 1994

The fact that in 38 editions of our column, we never told you any film Kusturica, a clear crime against humanity. 39 but the issue we will fix it.

We long thought, what of the masterpieces to recommend, but since all of his tragicomedy worthy, please – «Underground». The film, which will not show in Prime time on public television. Probably because in our time it is as relevant as ever: the film is about a country that is constantly in crisis and danger. Although, of course, this is a film about people. About betrayal and joy even in the worst situation.

For the painting Kusturica gave the «Palme d’or», which made it second after Francis Ford Coppola and Bille August double winner of the award. However, there was a lot of criticism, after which Bush vowed never to make a movie, but happily broke his oath. The fact that this film deals with the collapse of Yugoslavia. The Western world, to put it mildly, strongly exhibited Serbia «Kingdom of evil», but here you watch the film that exposes the «bad Serbs» people. Disorder.

The strip should look once again to sober up your brain and bitterly laugh at the traditional tragic black humor of the Maestro. Here it is particularly bitter, as the music of Bregovic. it sounds major, but bitter.


ACE (Asso), 1981

Adriano Celentano – personality, of course, outstanding. This is the only person that can fill a muzzle and Bucharest, and in Salekhard. To choose a particular film is difficult. Celentano at home is God, is the best thing ever happened in Italy after the genius of the Renaissance and Roberto Baggio. Therefore, studying his filmography, and then we stumble on short-term shit like the Indian films in which he plays a charming, handsome, in which are going crazy all. If not for his game, these films would have been impossible to watch. We decided that the taming of the shrew, «Bluff» and «Bingo Bongo» and you’ll see. But about black Comedy «ACE», also known as «As», remember not all.

And the plot is beautiful. Adriano is playing outstanding (he always plays outstanding and flawless people – the fate of the idol of the nation) card tricksters, which kills lost to him the head of the mafia. So he wanders the land, cannot leave his woman alone. Here and began to search for her husband. What kind of Madam!.. Look nice. As always, the film is a lot of humor. And black humor. Even God got (you know who played God, right? Celentano, of course). And brand charisma Adriano with her any «Vacation in Vegas» make a great movie.


The color of money (The Color of Money), 1986

After this film gets a strange itch, and his head a strange desire to go to roll the balls… pool table. Great movie, so yeah all the secrets of the billiard harsh existence. A continuation of the old Oscar-winning film «the Swindler» in 1961. The great Martin Scorsese filmed the always exuberant and energetic paintings, even if they have no shooting. Here all the energy invested in the relationship between the characters, and the scenes set crazy magical dynamics.

Well, of course, acting, how the people are there… Paul Newman! It is a legend, is the man who is one with his facial expression makes it clear who is worthy of an Oscar. By the way, Mr. Newman received her for this film. And very young, like a disgusting pimply teenager from somewhere under the Pyatigorsk, a haircut Bogdan Titomir Tom cruise. And the relationship of the teacher (Newman) is a grizzled wolf and the legendary Billiards player and talented but a hothead apprentice (Cruz), who neglects the advice and betrays a mentor… Like in the story there is nothing extraordinary, but the impression he leaves behind! Excitement, sports, human relationships under the excellent sauce of acting and directing. It’s a very male film.

By the way, interesting point. In one scene, the hero of Tom cruise asking what is in that briefcase. He evilly smiled, responding «Doom» («fate, destiny»). Subsequently John Carmack, coming up with a name for a computer game, in which creation he participated, I remember this episode, and the game was named «Doom».


New kids turbo (New kids turbo), 2010

manygoodtips.com_9.10.2015_BsO5lHlc4GSvWIf in previous films some where I had to think about it, then the brain is better to completely turn off and tune in to the immoral outrage with jokes about wieners, shooting, explosions and ridiculous deaths (as not strange) idiocy, and the like. Harsh satire right from the Tulip fields. I look and can not understand what the hell everyone is dressed like in the 90s, and how can one be so flawed…

And then comes the understanding that the Director is above you is not fun. It’s a brilliant satire, a brilliant idea! It turns out that in Europe is even worse. The brilliant reflection of the paintings of modern Europe. The people who lost their jobs sitting and cursing the government, while not wanting to do anything. The government itself (Ministry of defence) solves the problem of precision missile strikes, not talking to people. And of course, a little icing on the cake friendship and love, even very provincial, win in the end. And it’s all seasoned with shaped bilobectomies. A great choice for viewing large allcompanie.

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