Cinema Saturday #37

World just give me a reason to come up with some holiday and to elevate it to the rank of the world. You know, what do we have today? The day of the meeting with old friends. Not such which need to be fed puréed food and to help with false teeth. But who knows what your friends. Now, you can celebrate the holiday in the company of like-minded people, and can follow the advice of Brodsky not to leave the room and watch cool movies. What? Now tell.

1. «Ed Wood» (Ed Wood), 1994

Opens the current collection biography one of the most outstanding personalities of the American cinema – ed wood, recognized as the worst Director in Hollywood history. The picture wood’s «Plan 9 from outer space» 1959, the year considered the worst film in the history of cinema. But the biographical book of Rudolph grey’s «Nightmare of ecstasy», in which filmed «ed wood» has received from critics positive reviews, however, as the film itself. There we see the Duo of Tim Burton and johnny Depp, as well as other cool actors: Martin Landau, bill Murray, Jeffrey Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker and Patricia Arquette.

The story covers the lives of the famous Director when he filmed his most famous movies. Not without mention of friendship with the incomparable Bela Lugosi, which in 1927 played Dracula in the eponymous film, and this image for years to become a benchmark in the genre of vampire movies. In essence, it is a sad, but very slight story of an extraordinary man whose dreams were rejected by society. But he still did his job, did what should, and did not listen to anyone’s advice. This movie boasts great music, and what was left unsaid on screen, we perceive until the end through music.

Burton decided to shoot the biography, moved away from the genre of Gothic tales, but still a noticeable presence of the author is felt, there is some darkness, eccentricity, and a little sad humor. So we are confident that this film is definitely worth your attention, it is only a measure, in addition to talent of all its components. And before we move on to the second film in the series will give a little advice: before watching «ed wood» — you definitely do Wodowski «Plan 9 from outer space», at least a little bit, because you’re already from the first minute you know what and who you are going to deal with.

2. «Country gardens» (Garden State), 2003

If this Saturday you are expecting girlfriend «on a movie», you can opt for this film. «Country gardens» is a romantic Comedy-drama from Zakk Braff (the same Jay Dee from the «Clinic»), which, in fact, played here a major role. A large part of the screenplay was written by Braff while in College, and we don’t know what was the source of his inspiration, but while everyone was drinking beer three throat red plastic cups, Zach night scribbling the plot of the future film. In the end, the movie turned out really worthwhile. Of course, it’s about the relationship. About relationships with the opposite sex, relationships with friends, with family, with society in General and themselves in particular.

The guy who is depressed, meets a girl who suffers from epilepsy. Here the company what it is. But the film is not boring, it’s not boring, but touching and funny. Believe everything shown on the screen, so good the actors play their roles. Natalie Portman, as always, at height. The line where it ends and the emotions begin sticky pink snot close, but still not broken. Why we recommend this film for viewing in the company of his girlfriend.

3. «Air Marshal» (Non-Stop) 2014

Old Liam… the Year his balls are covered with an additional layer of iron, and he’s not shy to show his brutality mixed with a stern, slightly wrinkled face on the screen. Moreover, he was not afraid to turn from direct speech to our President! And we love him for it: for his courage, talent and a great sense of self-irony, which is manifested in all its glory when he played himself in one of the last episodes of «family Guy». But back to the movie.

Bill Marx, air Marshal, which ensures the safety of passengers, receives the messages with threats from a terrorist while flying Intercontinental flight. Criminal so cleverly thought out long con that was framed under the charge of a special agent. Now Marx – the purpose of US intelligence. He has to find and kill a criminal to save all the passengers alone. Closed space, a lot of people and everyone is under suspicion. The result is a good detective story with a tense atmosphere from beginning to end.

4.»Open your eyes» (Abre los ojos), 1997

With all due respect to American cinema, the craftsmen of this industry absolutely cannot be allowed to release remakes from the world of European cinema. There are exceptions, but damn few of them and they are just confirmation of this statement. In the pursuit of cash, lost all the atmosphere, the essence, and sometimes the plot. Now we will focus on the film Open your eyes by Spanish Director Alejandro Amenabar. The remake «Vanilla sky», which in 2001 was removed by Cameron Crowe, not bad, but everything is relative! And then you seem to compare the book with its film adaptation. The audience is usually divided into two camps. Some shout that the book is better, others argue the opposite view.

So, the Hollywood «Vanilla sky» is a film, filmed on the plot of another film, but all of them can be referred to completely different sides of the same coin. The remake is more dynamic, more «Filoxenia» and more confused. In the original we finally realize that he wanted to tell the author of this picture, the plot is more logical, and plus or minus – you decide.

For those who don’t know: Cesar is a beautiful and rich ladies ‘ man, takes the girl with his best friend. But karma can’t escape and after a terrible accident, his face becomes ugly. After he was haunted by strange visions, where he is still beautiful and happy. Him, and we have to figure out throughout the film what it is: a dream, reality or parallel life. So if you want some «sleep» and enjoy the beauty of Penelope Cruz, turn on this movie. And then tell me which version you like more (if liked at all).

5. Wedding Crashers (Wedding Crashers), 2005

If we have not guessed your mood, and all of the above doesn’t suit you, then take a tried and tested solution is simple, but still funny American Comedy with a proven actor Duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. There are jokes pretty straightforward, but far not all of them are concentrated below the belt.

This story is about the adventures of two best friends and womanizers who invented the original method of Dating girls, and simply eat for free. The guys invent epic stories, penetrate under the guise of guests at a strangers wedding, drink, have fun and get friends who will do anything to find a husband. All established scheme goes out the window when in the case interfere true feelings. And the more problems arise from our characters, the funnier we are.

That’s it for today. Hope we saved you from the painful choice of what to watch this Saturday. Good movie night, dude!

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