Film Saturdays #36

Today, if you do not know, international pirate day. And if the Windows you are not parked the ship with the Jolly Roger on the flagpole, then do not worry. Something tells us that during the search of the new film will you celebrate this holiday. What are we looking for? But what…

1. «Brick» (Brick), 2005

manygoodtips.com_18.09.2015_Eh9GCzt2OfX0ZOpens the current selection film debut of Rian Johnson, filmed in the genre of neo-Noir, though, despite the prefix «neo», all the main canons of style are observed. Here is the hero-a loner, not accepted by society a high school outsider with a rich inner world. There is a fatal beauty, which can change the fate of everyone who gets in her way. There is the story of uncertainty, distorted camera angles and dark tones with a bright contrast panels separate things, if taken out of sequence, but have their particular value, and chilling music.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt perfectly good role shifted a little bit guys, so in this movie he plays the guy that he is trapped in a dark detective story connected with his ex-girlfriend. After a strange phone call the girl disappears and the hero begins her quest. The film is smooth and viscous. In this, as in the bog, the attention gets stuck almost two hours and impossible to resist. Moreover, this picture is not at the same time. Be sure, if you get hooked, you will want to return to it after a while. So watch and share.

2. «Resurrecting the dead» (Bringing Out the Dead), 1999

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2015_SsSDTpNenhNFmDespite the ominous name, in this film there is nothing creepy or scary. It’s a Thriller, but it is possible to see the elderly, pregnant women and children. It’s a drama, but it does not cause the desire to rip out of my chest exhausted heart and cry over broken dreams and worthless life. «Resurrecting the dead» is the brainchild of Oscar-winning Scorsese, and throughout the action we sense the presence of the Master. This suffocating atmosphere of the metropolis, the hero who’s going to go crazy, dialogues, cause mixed emotions, cynical statements – in General, the old Martin in his repertoire.

On the screen – 48 hours in the life of a new York doctor «ambulance» Frank Pierce, who works only night shifts. Frank is a professional with years of experience, but winning the lives of others, he lost his sense. The hero is constantly haunted by visions and images of those he could not save. The role of the paramedic went to Nicolas cage, and he’s really good. We might even forgive him quinoderm in which he is playing the last few years. But it is possible.

3. «Stay» (Stay), 2005

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2015_U73RmUiFPJlSVToday we are drawn to the characters that are in borderline mental States. Apparently, this attempt fall to drag us into the abyss of depression. But we are here to make sure that happened. We specify ‘ll show you what to listen to, what to wear, what to read and what to watch. And if your choice will stop on the movie «Stay», you are in for a very pleasant company Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling and Naomi watts. In the movie fell, collecting just over $ 8 million with a budget of 50 million. To put it mildly, the critics also did not delighted. Well, actually, this is the film that accidentally stumble and then can’t tear myself away from watching. Important for its proper perception is a mood: pensive, slightly melancholic. Then if we take you by the hand and lead through the maze of the mind of a young potential suicide, immersed in his illusions and fantasies. And in the center of this intricate confusion we find the main ideas of the film – the value of human life and the importance of sampradaya. More about the story will not tell, because spoilers.

4. «Identification» (Identity) 2003

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2015_VFDaNiLiwsi9UImmediately on the story of: 10 strangers, hiding from the heavy rain, are under the same roof of the old roadside Motel, after which one by one are dropping like flies. Who is the killer? Oh, who’s the killer?! Panic, panic, the quest, the desire to survive… the Premise of the film, the idea, of course, is not news in the world of cinema. Somewhere like that we’ve seen and read. But nevertheless, the acting, the tense atmosphere, lively dialogue, intrigue – all this keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. Us nothing to complain about. Viewing recommended.

5. «I love you, man» (I Love You, Man), 2009

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2015_6TH1IX83QalHSCompletes today’s top cool Comedy called little blue tint, but let you are not confused. «I love you, man» – another movie about real friendship. Simple, concise and funny movie with a good cast and a simple plot. If you are looking for the brain healthy snack that is perfect for evening viewing. The film’s protagonist Peter Klaven makes a proposal to his girlfriend, only friends he has, and, therefore, anyone to be the best man at the upcoming wedding. Peter asks his mother and brother to help him with this problem and to find him a friend, but one that gives the hero even greater headache. Well, we have a half hour fun show.

That’s it for today, so pick and choose and have a good night!

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