Cinema Saturday #35

How was your working week? Personally, we were extremely tired and want to relax, lounging on the couch. And if you listen, you can hear your inner voice tells you: «Hey, let’s today do not go anywhere except to the fridge for something tasty, and just watch a good movie.» Well, this won’t be a problem. Choose…

1. «Escape plan» (Escape Plan) 2013

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_EfIIzb14ViD3PWhat’s the latest you heard about Dolph Lundgren? He starred in movies or not? And about Steven Seagal? Well, besides the fact that he loves our country, plans to obtain citizenship and make friends with Putin? What about van Damme? Chic split on the trucks? Cool, of course, but these idols of the militants of the last century has long ceased to surprise the viewer and a good quality movie, except, of course, «the Expendables», which was doomed to success. The idea about getting together to star in the film, was discussed between Stallone and Schwarzenegger for many years, since the mid-1980s. was an interesting scenario, proposals by Directors and opened the doors of the largest film production companies, but, according to Schwarzenegger, with Sly their work schedules do not coincide. Although, after Schwarzenegger has played a small role in «the Expendables», the boys returned to the idea of working together.

And here we have this wonderful film, and it did so, of course, these two icons of the genre. Well, the story part. Speaking of which: ray Breslin escapes from American prisons for big money, thereby checking their reliability and safety. And boring in his profession he achieved success and gained fame this prison Houdini. But after the treacherous betrayal, our hero finds himself locked in the most secure prison in the world where is impossible to escape alone. Not a new story about the next escape is not surprising, but happy. Young exciting lives and sometimes funny show with fights, fun dialogue, explosions. To watch or not? The question is incorrect. To watch today or tomorrow? That’s better.

2. «Captain Phillips» (Captain Phillips), 2013

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_r9ECmCcovRJ8KAnother old horse is better than two new «outlaw» of all time – Tom Hanks. In this movie he performed the role of a brave captain Phillips, whose ship «Maersk Alabama» was hijacked by Somali pirates. This picture is based on real events described in the book Elmore Leonard’s «Djibouti». And the film company Columbia paid $ 5,000 to each member of the crew of the victim ship, so they shut up and didn’t tell about how all was actually. However, many who refused such a deal, as it challenged the heroic image of captain Phillips in the film, saying that he behaved arrogantly to the attacks of the pirates and «blown away» as soon as the seizure occurred. Moreover, the CEP held hostage in the beginning of the attack and no more-saving measures did not. In the film, but we are not mad, so it was tense, atmospheric, inspiring, and a little touching.

Critics were delighted by the image of Hanks and predicted the film «Oscar» in different nominations, including for best actor. In the end nominations were really a lot, but awards – none (except for the Golden globe). To summarize, we can say that it is a masterpiece of cinema, but watching this adventure Thriller you’re sure to not miss you.

3. «Judge» (The Judge), 2014

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_ix5WRPyivdvAoThe movie goes over two hours, but trust me, he looks at one go, although no asana, special effects or crazy dynamics here. «Judge» is a wonderful drama with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvalle in the lead roles. In the center of the story – a successful lawyer who comes back to his hometown for his mother’s funeral and learns that his father, municipal judge, is suspected of murder. And despite the fact that the relationship between them is extremely intense, the protagonist remains in the city and decides to look into this matter.

As we have said, it’s a drama, but the drama is not the court, and a family, so the process here will be given quite a bit of time. But with the help of dialogues, everyday scenes, smooth flow of the story, we with a head dive into the world of each character and their interactions. Empathize with resent – in General, experiencing a range of emotions, and all because the actors perfectly coped with their roles. Downey Jr. was nominated for «Oscar» for best actor in this film, but, unfortunately, not received deserved awards.

4. «The road» (La strada), 1954

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_utd58nLWYrzTXOne of the most famous horror films of Federico Fellini, filmed in 1954 in the genre of neorealism. It is difficult to characterize this picture, except that the view leaves a lasting impression. This movie is not at once return to him through the years, again, browse and re-rethink.

It is a tragedy, the center of which the artists of the travelling circus: strong man Zampano, Gelsomina to be his assistant and tightrope Walker Matto. The main characters are trying to find their place on this road. The road of life. And where it will lead, will you know if you will get acquainted with the masterpiece of Italian Masters.

5. «A wing or a leg» (L aile ou la cuisse), 1976

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2015_JjyzVoNQ5MsHxWhen we talk about French Comedy, come immediately to mind such names: Pierre Richard, Gerard Depardieu, Louis de Funes. That’s the past, and will be discussed more precisely, about the movie with him. The main character, Monsieur Duchemin are fussy foodie and a major critic of the country. From his positive or negative response depends on the prosperity or the closure of all institutions in France and people are ready to do anything for high ratings, so Monsieur Duchemin should always be on the lookout.

This is a fun and easy movie with a huge number of jokes on a culinary theme, and many plot points were the basis of modern French comedies. A classic of the genre, well, is fine French cuisine. So nice movie appetite!

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