Cinema Saturday #31

For a good movie is always time, especially in a well-deserved day off. Choose something yummy from our heading «Food», cook in haste, as though your favorite bar snacks – and more! You will find a wonderful movie night, we promise.

1. «Lost in translation»(Lost in Translation), 2003

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_0rCF2365E6MHWMovies Sofia Coppola is considered one of the ideal samples of independent American cinema. Sofia was able to get out of the shadow of a famous father, and to tell the world about their self-sufficiency and talent. «Lost in translation» received four nominations on «Oscar» and one of them won for «Best original screenplay». Critics called this movie the most important film of 2003 and the end of the zero – one of the best films of the past decade. Of course, this success was due to the excellent screenplay, the directing, the gorgeous flavor of the country of the Rising Sun, but first of all, the acting of old bill and his beautiful Johansson. Their characters bump into each other at the bar of a luxury hotel. Talking after meeting this odd couple, actor and a recent graduate of the philosophical faculty of the prestigious University, go on a trip to the Japanese capital.

Coppola-the daughter gave the audience a really good, very soulful and peaceful movie. Here the difficulties of the language barrier, face difficulties of ordinary interpersonal communication. The theme of loneliness and melancholy runs like a red line through the story, but the anguish, the film is not catching up, and leaves after viewing a pleasant aftertaste. So if you want something smooth, elegant and slightly mysterious, see this movie.

2. «Vacancy» (Vacancy), 2007

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_7df8ImCODMtAwI can’t massacre, crazy killers and their unfortunate victims. And let the story palette is not too rich, we still did our best to find you a worthy representative of the genre. So, night, lonely road, a broken car and a married couple whose relationship is on the verge of divorce. In search of mechanics they get to the hotel on the outskirts and by force of circumstances are forced to stay the night. Well, you yourself knows it will be a fun night. Heroes is also realize, right after find video recordings of the brutal merciless killings. And these sadistic movies filmed in the very room where they were castability. And let this familiar story, it is disturbing, it looks easy and keeps in suspense until the very end.

3. «Rescuer» (The Guardian), 2006

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_VoRSqCj9eNlsHFilm for men and about men. Hero Kevin costner, Ben Randall is a legendary rescue swimmer who lost in the terrible catastrophe of his entire team. Wife left, while depression, guilt and despair slowly but surely destroying his psyche. Salvation comes in the form of an invitation to become a teacher in an elite school for the training of Coast guard rescue. And here he meets the arrogant, cocky and undeniably talented Jake Fischer, who apparently reminds him of himself in a distant youth. Begins a confrontation between two strong characters who develop into real friendship. This movie can be reviewed again and again. Strong dialogues, the images of a stormy element, and not less turbulent emotions of the human soul, the lack of typical American heroic pathos – all this «Rescue» made with heart and soul.

4. «Stir of echoes» (Stir of Echoes), 1999

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_o8kEf3W6lfP6XNext in line – a mystical Thriller David Cappa, who is the screenwriter of such films as «Jurassic Park,» «Mission impossible», «spider-Man», «Secret window», «Angels and demons» and many other cool works. Kepp had based his film States loud book by Richard Matheson, was invited for the lead role Kevin Bacon and received recognition from all lovers of a good mystery. The plot is built around Tom Vitski, exemplary family man, caring husband and father. In his rational and pragmatic worldview has no place for mystery and paranormal things. But everything changes radically when, during friendly gatherings he becomes a participant in the hypnotic session. In his subconscious something clicks, and So begin to pursue the terrifying visions. Now the hero must learn before he want to convey these images, and most importantly, who is their author. Quite a standard content of the story dilutes the oppressive atmosphere, dark and wonderful acting. So stock up on popcorn and hit «Play».

5. «The Incredible Burt Wonderstone» (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone), 2013

(l-r) stіv bushemі yak anton marvelton, olіvіya uayld, yak dzheyn і stіv karell yak bert uanderstoun v novomu onlayn-kіnoteatrі komedії Well, at the end we have chosen for you a very funny Comedy with the incomparable Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi, my goodness gracious., Steve Carell and Olivia Wilde. The story of how a famous but badly battered life of Las Vegas magician Burt Wonderstone is fighting for popularity with a new street magician Steve gray, his main rival in the world of illusions.

Say that consultant of the film was made by the David Copperfield, who shared some secrets of their performances. However, this information was so sensitive that all members of the crew signed a special agreement to disclose the secrets of shown skill. The film is a lot of good jokes and funny moments, interesting characters and bright colorful decorations. It is a tangible holiday atmosphere that goes hand in hand with a cynical lie, but dislike heroes no. In General, see anyone in a bad mood!

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