Cinema Saturday #29

While the residents of the capital cities complain about a cool summer in our corner of the fry so that the outside of the conditioned space equates to a sophisticated act of suicide. But for those who miss the sun and sea breeze, we made a special selection of beach films. Go to sinotuck and at least from the screen look like it is good there where we are not.

1. «Three plus two», 1963

manygoodtips.com_31.07.2015_4EoO1tqQAUxNaToday’s selection opens a wonderful Soviet Comedy «Three plus two», shot by Henry Hovhannisyan on the play by Sergei Mikhalkov’s «Savages.» One of the main contenders for the lead role was Nikita Mikhalkov, but shortly before the filming Hovhannisyan changed his mind and approved little known at the time, Andrei Mironov. For which he thanks, because no one could more seamlessly get into that character and give your character such a unique and inexhaustible charm.

This film can be called a masterpiece of Russian cinema, which gladly review again and again. Three old friends go to rest «savages» on the black sea coast, secluded and picturesque area away from the crowds of holidaymakers. However, the choice to stay friends, pretend a couple of girls: belly dancer Zoe and actress Natasha. Such proximity causes discomfort and mutual dissatisfaction, but the truth is, just because the girls are really very beautiful, and spend time arguing quickly bored.

The young stars of the Soviet cinema in swimsuits, simple, but very funny plot, witty jokes and expressions that have long been snapped up for quotes, seascapes and special atmosphere that can feel only our people that make «Three plus two» film for all generations, and he is unlikely to ever lose its relevance. After watching you are guaranteed a good mood and a slight feeling of nostalgia for the days she is unknown. In General, watch and enjoy.

2. «The Beach» (The Beach), 2000

manygoodtips.com_31.07.2015_SVPl4MRbr2J9MWe know that you have seen this movie, maybe even repeatedly, but since we’re talking about the summer movies, to delete «Beach» from beach top does not. Is tells about the story? Although they may remind us not difficult.

A young American, Richard arrives in Thailand in search of adventure on his skinny ass. Of course, not wait. Under strange circumstances, the hero meets with a suspicious man, who tells him about the Paradise where the grass is growing like a weed and lives on the beach commune. In the end, Richard gets a map and goes in search of the promised land, taking with you a couple of newfound friends and adventurers such as himself. That’s just Paradise has its price. And each character will have to make very difficult choices, and check yourself for strength.

They say that the film’s Director Danny Boyle, had a big fight with Ewan McGregor, as first promised the actor a role of Richard, but in the end chose DiCaprio. By the time Leo is still not fully moved away from after the resounding success of «Titanic,» but apparently decided that fame does not happen much and happily crossed the road to McGregor. For better or for worse, we’ll never know. But in any case, we have a terrific movie, which many critics characterize as a cult. And even 15 years after the first release, the film has not lost its intrigue, entertainment and exoticism.

3. «On the wave crest» (Point Break), 1991

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_4xcDilzCJphSIThe film is soaked in the salty ocean breeze and a atmosphere of freedom, drive and extreme madness. From the beginning to the final credits we see adrenaline junkies, the pursuit of the perfect wave which becomes the meaning of existence, displacing all other interests. A young FBI agent investigating a series of major robberies and was introduced to the gang of desperate surfers are the main suspects. That’s just having donned a similar style of life, the hero realizes how boring and monotonous his own world.

Crazy dynamics, mixing genres of action and Thriller, cool music and ocean scenery are all great, but that doesn’t make the film so special. I think the secret of success is enclosed in a incomparable the game of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze (which, alas, is no longer alive). This is a cool movie about cool dudes, so watch and charge with energy and inspiration for future achievements.

4. Boat trip (Boat Trip), 2002

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_Adbu0f13NApuATypical American, but still funny Comedy. Perfect for watching after a hard day when the brain wants to take a break and chew gum instead of serious food for thought. Two friends who are tired of loneliness and disappointment, decide to go on a sea cruise to escape from problems and have many holiday hook-UPS with hot Babes. But their dream is shattered on the side of the ship, when they find out that he was in cruise for rear-wheel drive. And let eminent critics the film dropped through the floor, he still very funny, with excellent, though vulgar jokes. Although when you are this confused?

5. «Deep blue sea» (Deep Blue Sea), 1999

Creator: GD-JPEG V1.0 (using the program, the component dimensions correspond to the JPEG v62), quality=91Probably the best «shark» movie after Jaws. Scientists underwater laboratory are trying to create a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and experimental methods find a way to increase the genetic brain of experimental sharks. People make these killing machines into a thinking, blood-thirsty monsters that escape from the cells and really want to play with my future meal.

And although the plot is familiar, the intrigue remains until the very end. The film is fascinating and entertaining, you can tickle your nerves and sometimes laugh at great jokes characters, because nothing so refreshing as a swim in the deep blue sea together with sharks.

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