Cinema Saturday #28

Every day on your journey, you are faced with questions of choice. Coffee or tea, a blonde or brunette, get up on time or even lie down for five minutes, push the body on the sofa or send it in the gym… the Choice may be global or insignificant, but each of them can become very tedious. But not on Saturdays! Your legal day off, and we will save you from finding the correct solution, at least in the question: «what do you see today?» Catch our next collection and enjoy another kinoocherk.

1. «Room 44» (Child 44), 2014

movieOpens the current selection the most controversial film of 2014. «Room 44» was banned in the Russian hire on ideological grounds – the first time over the past quarter century. According to the official statement of the Ministry of culture, «the rental of such films on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory is unacceptable» for «distortion of historical facts and original interpretations of the events before, during and after the great Patriotic war, as well as images and characters of Soviet citizens». The distributor did not argue and withdrew the application for rental license, almost an hour before the film’s release in theaters, but it was too late, because of bad publicity does not happen.

In the end, the audience was divided into three camps. First consider this event a turning point in history, revealing step towards censorship and the strengthening of the totalitarian regime. Second, fervent patriots, foaming at the mouth and swearing. with this foam, shouting that is bad propaganda, provocation of clean water, there is no grain of truth in what he saw, Stalin do not. Still others did not look, but condemn. Although, interestingly, this film also failed. American critics have pointed out that it is a waste of valuable resource acting in the face of Oldman and hardy, and that the last of his «Russian» accent looked incredibly stupid and implausible.

So, the film seems much nonsense, too «Chernushka» and hopeless, but… we Offer you, as a reasonable person, to discard prejudices and to draw their own conclusions after watching this film. Can be considered a distorted historical facts of the famine, when distraught people over all facets of human? Corruption, secret police, executions without trial? Solzhenitsyn and Shalamov for such «distorted facts» rot in camps. No, we are certainly not going to compare these incomparable value – creativity of our great Russian authors and products of foreign industry. I just want to spend a certain analogy and to set you in an impartial way, because we need this movie like. He touches and holds. In General, look and make conclusions myself.

2. «The Ghost and the darkness» (The Ghost and the Darkness), 1996

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_YsQQhFzf7ClxCFor the first time this movie I saw in early childhood on TV and for the first time so happy is because fear and anxiety for the main characters are not allowed to relax my young bun for a minute. This movie is to be reviewed again, and this is done with great pleasure. Here Douglas, apart from the brilliant acting, is pleased with their hair, and the face of Val Kilmer is still nothing like face-Pei-alcoholic. Well, the main acting Duo – trained lions cause utter delight. Add to the list of amazing music, unusual landscapes and a really tangible atmosphere of fear and receive the pearl of the adventure genre.

The film is based on a true story about lions, man-eating, in 1898 paralyzed the construction of the railway in the region of the river Tsavo. The Director had based the book of Colonel John Henry Patterson, a direct participant in these events. The Colonel often wrote that the main problem lies not even in the bloodthirsty creatures, but in a panic, cowardice and stupidity of other people. And only common sense and composure helped defeat the ogres. Well guns, of course.

3. «The gods must have gone crazy» (The Gods Must Be Crazy), 1980

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_v1EpsyUzh6y3pAnother greetings from hot Africa and from our distant past. «The gods must have gone crazy» is indeed a great Comedy, with a simple but very funny jokes, situations and genuine characters. The low-budget film, which generously gives the viewer only positive emotions (and they sometimes do not have enough!). There is no vulgarity and humor below the belt, contrived intrigue or dialogues which claim to originality. Describe briefly what it’s about.

Once in the wild edge of the Kalahari desert fell from the sky, an empty bottle of Coca-Cola. Childish and very emotional Bushmen considered it a gift from the gods sent to relieve them of life. The bottle was found many practical uses, but buying is uncomplicated fortunately, the tribe lost the peace. Was there strife and envy, strife and disputes, so the tribal Council decided to throw a bottle off the edge of the world. And then begin an amazing adventure of the protagonist who took on their shoulders the important mission. But pretty words. Must see! Well, sometimes to view, for therapeutic purposes.

4. «The Clouding» (A Scanner Darkly), 2006 traced by rotoscoping the characters of Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Winona Ryder and woody Harrelson is in itself an impressive sight. The plot, characters and dialogues – mainly freaky nonsense-soaked madness. The film’s Director, Richard Linklater, not familiar firsthand with drug addiction, have a basis for his creation of the eponymous novel by Philip K. dick, which became a bestseller.

The events take us in the near future where everything from small to large, sit on drugs, and the minds of men possessed a kind of «Substance D», completely destroys the psyche. Secret agent of the police Department-narcotics, working undercover, trying to rid the world of the modern plague, he becomes a drug addict. On a matter of moral choice and check self for lice.

Let’s just say, it’s not for everyone. But you’re not everyone, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. In the final is something to think about, and definitely a time for looking will not be wasted.

5. «The man who would be king» (The Man Who Would Be King, 1975

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_8XU8MXr1N1FPyThe film based on the short story by Rudyard Kipling is two hours, but still looks the same breath. «The man who would be king» was nominated for 4 awards «Oscar» for «Best adapted screenplay», «Best scenery», «Best costumes» and «Best editing».

The spirit of adventure, an insatiable thirst for adventure and power that inspire the main characters of the in their life a hoax. Taking advantage of the naivety and ignorance of the population of Kafiristan, two ordinary English soldier give local residents proof of their divine origin. But all deceived, they believed in your deceit-and this is always fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Great game Sean Connery, colorful images of natural beauty, the sincerity of the characters, exciting plot and a powerful ending make this film a true masterpiece of cinema, after watching that you involuntarily sigh and say: «Yes, this is not removed.»

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