Cinema Saturday #27

Dude, we know how much you love this column, because it helps with the difficult choice of good movies for the evening (or whole weekend). I hope this time edition again will help you with advice, and the 27th selection you will find something to their liking. Make yourself comfortable, we begin!

1. The Loft / The Loft (2013)

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_OK7uCFqH9EAp0If you live in a more or less advanced city, probably, have heard that word. In our days it is associated with some creative space where unemployed hang out, but still promising. In our case it is something else – as the slogan of the movie, «the perfect place for forbidden fantasies». And there are going to wealthy and accomplished friends. Everyone has a key to the apartment in which they can do anything, anytime. As it turns out, the adults are not enough to watch football and «chopped» on the PlayStation, they have games seriously. What? Will know himself. Despite the fact that the remake did not meet expectations in terms of fees, but the critical acclaim is lower than the Belgian original, watch «the Loft». Take the cast: the main cast of the series «Escape» and «family values» and less known «guys in the wings» from «Star trek» and «X-Men».

They say happiness cannot be bought… a cruel illusion.

2. Man on the moon / Man on the Moon (1999)

manygoodtips.com_17.07.2015_Duzr0BHke4qAcNo, this film is not about conquering the vastness of space, rather on expanding its own borders. If you still think that stand – up case easy and profitable, be sure to look at the «Man on the moon». This dramatic story tells about one of the most eccentric comedians of the 20th century – Andy Kaufman. He was the first who dared to impersonate Elvis (and the audience was thrilled), he invented and implemented the vision of a scandalous Tony Clifton, borrowed modern comic under the pseudonym «uncle Vitya» («Slaughter League», «Comedy battle»). On this and many other tells the story of a biographical film. It should be noted that entrusted this challenging role is no less eccentric Jim Carrey, perfectly reveals her own dramatic potential in the late 90s.

– I have the impression that you have no respect for anything.

– No, I just perceive the world as an illusion, and I believe that we should not take yourself too seriously.

3. Scott pilgrim vs. the world / Scott Pilgrim or the World (2010)

manygoodtips.com_17.07.2015_md4bvzCAbQXdtIt’s time to add a little action! The film from Universal was arguing for being too «cartoon» and «comics», but in the end, these components are the main chips. Maybe the critics of the childhood was not normal? If you grew up on 8-bit reality for hours poking at the joystick buttons, you here! Despite the unusual format of the picture, everything here is somehow organically: and scene transitions, and unexpected humorous turns, and the actors (even the brother Macaulay Culkin came in handy), and the soundtrack, written by the actors, special kudos to the filmmakers. If we talk about all the comic book adaptations that we’ve ever seen, this is closest to the paper version of the «Scott pilgrim». The story fit into one sentence, but the beauty is how he is depicted. The picture literally «taken away» on memes and quotes, and the word «lesbianese» from the main character, superbly played by Michael CERA, officially included in a collection of meaningless words. In General, man, turn off brain, turn on «Scott pilgrim».

– I don’t care that you have not had a girlfriend for a year.

Hey, easy, he had done grieving for the former. He now walks with a schoolgirl.

– «Walk with a schoolgirl» is a mountain for the former».

4. Border / Frontière(s) (2007)

manygoodtips.com_17.07.2015_kEw8hmVTCzpkdIf you saw this set closer to the night, choose to view «the Border». The slogan suggests to prepare for a real nightmare, and not lie: fans of horror films will be pleased. In the story a group of young robbers in trying to escape falls into a terrible dream. And the dream will never end because it is a reality. Starting very obvious, the tape is accompanied by brutal killings, bloodshed and heavy for the psyche scenes. So be ready for sleepless nights after viewing. A joint production of France and Switzerland not indulge famous actors (and that’s a plus), budget is very modest, but paid almost 6 times. In addition, among the listed producers Luc Besson, and this man under the nonsense is not signed.

I said to myself: «once again leave the area – not coming back». For me there nobody waits.

5. Submarine / Submarine (2010) first it may seem that you watch the extended clip of Alex Turner (soloist of the «Arctic Monkeys» wrote a great soundtrack for this film). But then comes the realization: it is something more. In 15 years we all dream about great love to the grave with the perfect girl. And about sex. A romantic hero named Oliver takes us to the most carefree time. He had not yet become cynical, and the last scum, but some circumstances can cause this to happen. This drama is committed to nostalgia, to empathize, something to know, and Yes, this is a great option to share with a friend. She’ll know you’re not a primitive animal, which only need to eat and drink alcohol, but if you do everything right and occasionally glance at it with an expression like: «Yes, the film truthfully,» will you empathize, and in the real world. So soak up the atmosphere and relax.

Most people think that they are unique. That such as they are, on the planet anymore. It was this thought motivates them to get up in the morning out of bed, eating and walking, as if nothing had happened.

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