Cinema Saturday #26

This week all fans to celebrate something happy world holiday kisses and the day of love, family and loyalty. Well, we are happy deserved after a hard week, weekend. With a clear conscience to sleep until noon, come up with a bunch of interesting classes, and in the evening to call friends, girlfriend, well, or alone, to watch good movies. For example…

1. Once in Ireland (The Guard), 2011

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_42hCKKAncozKTIn this film there is a rapid change of personnel, but there is a gray-blue seascapes, which, surprisingly, does not tire the eyes. This film is a breathtaking action of chases and shootings, but nevertheless, it can be reviewed again and again, getting from viewing a true pleasure. In this film, no hackneyed clichés and classic American jokes, but there are criminal black Comedy and cool Brendan Gleeson in the main role. Well, briefly about the plot: Irish COP close to retirement age, a known fan of selling love and drink, forced to cooperate with the FBI agent. The overall objective of these completely different servants of the law — to cover an international gang of drug dealers who were passing in a provincial town. In principle, this is all that you should know about this film. Then take it and see, or see well.

2. Lonely hearts (Lonely Hearts), 2005 about a crime drama based on real events? The plot is built around a high-profile case of the arrest of two serial killers who robbed and killed single women, finding their victims through ads in a newspaper Dating column, «Lonely hearts». Moreover, the Director and writer, Todd Robinson, is the grandson of Elmer Robinson, the policeman who arrested the most criminals. And although the ending is quite predictable, which is typical of the detective genre, the film does not let go until the end, clinging to its depressing atmosphere. Well, speed dynamics, in the spirit of generalscope the Zodiac, fully compensates the strong cast of John Travolta, my goodness gracious., Salma Hayek and Jared Leto. «Lonely hearts» pretty brutal movie if you take it to heart, difficult thoughts about the incomprehensibility of the human soul is yours. Therefore, it is better to go to view such a film.

3. Four rooms » (Four Rooms), 1995

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_1fXVw8zKEkIePTwenty years ago, long before Tim Roth was the main expert on lying, four different Director got together and made this stunning film, breaking it apart and taking his piece. This movie is like a colorful kaleidoscope which we look with the eyes unsuccessful night porter who United every story. The humor of the movie is peculiar, but if you’re a fan of Tarantino and Rodriguez, you will not remain disappointed by what he saw. In each part of the picture taking part of the stars of the first magnitude, on the screen unfolds absurd and very funny events, all accompanied by excellent music and dialogue. «Four rooms» is another gem of a cinema of the 90s. the film is older than you in age, but still it will never lose its relevance, because the stainless steel is a classic of the genre.

4. Blair witch project: course from the world (The Blair Witch Project), 1999

Poradi.s. ua_10.07.2015_bapchMBJi54PvWe’re pretty sure you’ve seen this movie in their youth. And can you believe that to revise it again so as scared as one. «Blair witch» is one of the first horror films shot in the style of pseudodocumentaries. And now we are fed up with this genre, thanks to the «Paranormal phenomenon», «Report», «Cloverfield» or «grave encounters», for its time, this movie had a bombshell. It is strange that an initial budget of 25 thousand dollars «Witch» has grossed over two hundred million dollars, and secured a place in the Guinness book of world records for the best balance of costs and income. Filming itself took a little over a week, and that actors are better accustomed to their roles, they practically did not allow to eat and forced to sleep in tents in the cold and scary forest. In the end, it turned to the horror movie most likely, completely batter the hunt to roam the Bush in search of any adventure.

5. Stringer (Nightcrawler), 2013

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2015_9zsggxotBXcieThe film shows the underbelly of our modern civilized society, where the man is expendable, and the hero of time becoming a soulless sociopath with boundless greed. Human morbid curiosity is a demand that requires public demonstrations of grief and tragedy, injury and trauma. And if there is demand, there will be offers. That’s what crime photographer Louis bloom, stopping at nothing in the pursuit of «fried» material. This is one of the best roles of Gyllenhaal, for which he was nominated for «Oscar» and a bunch of other prestigious awards. And if you haven’t seen this film, then it’s time to correct this omission.

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