Cinema Saturday #25

We offer you on this summer day to stock up on something cool and collapse on the couch to watch some good movies. Well, if you’re not a lazy ass, that you honor and praise! Cheerfully go to the gym or go with friends to the bar, take a girl out on a date or bungee jump in a cold lake. But then be sure to come back and join our Saturday viewing. Today in the cinema cool…

1. The death to the person (Death Becomes Her), 1992

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_tyFzmiQVtCJs4«The death of her face» is a classic black Comedy where a healthy cynicism combined with an interesting plot and really good jokes. The two main characters, adorable and still very sexy middle-aged women, polar opposites of each other. But they share a passion to one man, and a great desire to keep their beauty forever. Once upon a time, the friendship of two sworn friends destroyed the character of Bruce Willis. Apparently, Bruce took a break from saving the world once and for diversity to play a phlegmatic plastic surgeon, was deceived by a feminine vanity and deceit. What is also worth noting that it just perfectly fit in this role. And throughout the film the character, played them, is sympathy and understanding, they say, the terrorists and it is easier to negotiate than angry at the whole world bitches.

Ultimately, we see again that the pursuit of eternal life is not able to bring anything good. But female friendship, which is itself the subject of numerous jokes in that film ridiculed a particularly brilliant and subtle. So if you’re looking for a light movie without the clutter of hidden meanings and metaphors, but with a good (for the time) special effects, humor and great actors, this dark Comedy is just for you.

2. From Paris with love (From Paris with Love), 2009

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_vhLgoPwIdEOKdWho doesn’t love dynamic fighters with the cool gunfights, car chases, fights and jokes? Knowing the simple tastes of the average viewer, Pierre Morel, soon after «13th district» and «the Hostage», gave the world another action. The first half hour of the event flow is measured. We are introduced to the main characters and outline the situation. James Reese is the personal assistant of US Ambassador in France, and concurrently also a Junior CIA field agent. Agent Reese secret dreams of a better fate. About life, full of adventure and quirky twists of fate. The universe is supportive to this man, and soon his desires are fulfilled. He gets a promotion and a new partner, special agent Charlie Vaxa, desperate daredevil and mischievous. Our 30 minutes of peace ends and begins the same aforementioned shootouts, car chases, fights and jokes. «From Paris with love» is a lively and exciting Thriller, filmed under the auspices of the Besson. And there’s just enough violence, blood, beautiful scenery and beautiful women that you get pleasure from watching.

3. Stir of echoes (A Bronx Tale), 1993

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_HZ4y6QbhR6H6MThe film is based on the autobiography of Cassa Palminteri (Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri), who refused to sell the film rights to the books so far, while de Niro told him to write the script and play it one of the main roles. This is the story of how nine-year-old Italian boy Calogero witnessed the senseless and ruthless murder committed by the Chairman of the Bronx mafia. However, during the interrogation he was not given a killer, earning him the sympathy, and eventually a kind of «parental» love mafia. And everything went great, but this situation does not suit the real father of the boy, a regular bus driver.

The debut directorial work of Robert De Niro became an exemplary representative of the genre of crime drama. «Stir of echoes» has earned the recognition of critics and viewers. The unique atmosphere of the 60s, charismatic characters and appropriate music, current social issues and the search for answers to eternal questions – that’s what makes this movie a movie for all time.

4. Case No. 39 (Case 39), 2007 is scary. And not in terms of responsibilities and endless duties which they bring by the hand, and literally. At least in this film. Social worker Emily Jenkins, and prudish idealist, trying to save a ten-year Lilith Sullivan from the parent of cruelty. But in fact it turned out that the rescue from this sad and silent child need others. In this mystical Thriller was played by Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper and Jodell Ferland. The latter has already managed to light up in a decent amount of horror («silent hill», «Supernatural», «the cabin in the woods»). Don’t say, that’s the movie from which the blood run cold, but it is very atmospheric and intriguing mainly due to the acting. You can look for curiosity’s sake.

5. The last Emperor (The Last Emperor), 1987

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_90Itvz7zDAZHXConcludes this collection of historical-biographical film «the Last Emperor» – the brainchild of the wonderful Oscar-winner Bernardo Bertolucci. In the center of the plot – the unusual life of PU Yi, last Emperor of the Qing state, which has survived three historical epochs left a bright trace in the history of their country. The composite film is divided into two parts. Two parallel storylines show the viewer the life of one and the same person: the monarch, which lives in the forbidden city and the prison inmate N 981, accused of treason.

This is a very strong movie, one might even say epic. There are many vivid and memorable scenes, incredible sets and colorful characters. The film will appreciate as lovers of Eastern culture and ordinary viewers who prefer to just spend the evening with a great movie.

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