Cinema Saturday #24

In moments of oppressive samoloty, when you think about that first summer month you’ve foolishly pissed away (and had so many plans!), think about how many good movies did you watch during this time! Every week we try to choose for you something new or well-forgotten old. Suggest that we look ourselves. So stop your whining! Better see what we have for you this Saturday. And remember that the time spent with pleasure is not considered wasted.

1. Scam (The Sting), 1973

manygoodtips.com_12.06.2015_qSTDip2Ph6eEPOpens our Saturday movie night is a real classic of cinema overseas, proven over the years. «Scam» 73-year from the first moment of its appearance on the screen set the tone and bar high for the movie, filmed in the genre of «film-a robbery.» The film received 10 nominations at the Oscars and won 7 of them, including the award for «Best film of the year». Reference crime Comedy that combines style with grace, tremendous acting with great humor, the scenery atmospheric music, was doomed to long-term success.

The plot revolves around couples, dirty rotten scoundrels, which together decide to take revenge on the leader of the mafia for the death of their mutual friend. A plan of retribution against an incredibly clever and witty, and the characters are very determined. «Scam» is a light adventure film that reminds us of eternal values and priorities. You will find an unexpected finale and a great mood after watching, and it is, perhaps, the key components of a good movie.

2. Artist (The Artist), 2011

manygoodtips.com_12.06.2015_DYL3PYnUdKae7Continues to build another Oscar-winning film, which, like previous ones, is the winner of 10 nominations for this prestigious award. In this modern age when captured cinemas IMAX, 2D, 3D and even some D, the premiere of this black-and-white romantic Comedy, filmed in the style of silent movies, has caused a furore among audience and eminent film critics around the world. After watching «the Artist» surprised to think that Hollywood still knows how to shoot decent and the mental pictures that leave after viewing some excitement in even the toughest of us. This is the perfect movie for a date spent at home in front of the TV or the computer. And he is able to make even the most mediocre evening useful. What’s the film about? About the Artist itself. This, with a capital letter. Nothing more to say. Take it and see.

3. Rosemary’s baby (Rosemary’s Baby), 1968, oppressive and leaves more questions than answers, to this day remains relevant, despite a long year of its establishment. Roman Polanski wove a tight knot of hoaxes unraveling which we never find the answer. Where common sense ends and begins a paranoid psychosis? When a mother’s love turns into obsession? And if you are the only normal person among all the paranormal? How to find a solid footing to survive the horrors taking place? These questions are addressed the main heroine of the film, rosemary Woodhouse, suspecting that her good neighbors and not so good, and the most that neither is doing the devil’s work, trying to corner her yet unborn child. «Rosemary’s baby» is one of the best works of the Director, where the genre of psychological Thriller mixed with horror. And that prevails over what is up to you.

4. Biutiful (Biutiful), 2009 its beautiful name, it’s a pretty depressing movie in which the audience show the seamy side of the beautiful Barcelona. Amazingly, the mud, the blood, the grief and shock of the crime in concentration did not cause the revulsion. You catch yourself thinking that even among this hopelessness you can find the sparks of love and hope. «Biutiful» is a worthy offspring of such a controversial Director like Alejandro gonzález iñárritu. Each picture Inarritu such a revelation, where more where less. But just to say that indifferent after watching there will be none.

5. Three in a canoe (Without a Paddle), 2004

manygoodtips.com_12.06.2015_eSQTIqRM6o1ItPerhaps that’s enough for today cinematic heavyweights. Let’s finish collection of unpretentious Comedy about the adventures of three childhood friends is a typical citizens who went for search of a lost treasure in the wilderness. There will not be morals, meaning or reasoning of the great. Only the beauty of nature, funny jokes and very predictable plot, which will allow you to just relax and laugh.

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