Cinema Saturday #23

In our area the heat already melting the asphalt, and sometimes the brain. So happy owners of conditioners prefer to dial something chilled and crisp and spend time in a horizontal position, watching a good movie. Although this activity equally well in both summer and winter. So, bring your sponsors today’s laziness…

1. Investigator (Sleuth), 2007

manygoodtips.com_12.06.2015_yfRJvGpl1BBf3Opens today chiropodic very stylish and atmospheric film called «Detective». This is an example of how low you can make the most involved in the picture just two (but no!) actors and one (but what!) mansion. The action unfolding on the screen, very much like a theatrical production, which just transferred to the film. Despite the banal plot and the complete lack of special effects, the film is striking in its emotion, tension, energy and final. We are watching great acting, listen to witty dialogue, trying to anticipate the future actions of the characters, while not wasting their attention on unnecessary details.

What’s the film about? As we said, the base that lies on the surface, rather trivial: famous and fucking rich writer, author of detective novels, invites his wife’s lover, and offers to make an unexpected transaction the result of which all will leave winners. That’s only if everything went as originally intended, we wouldn’t be having such a wonderful film to watch and you can even revise.

2. Driving miss Daisy (Driving Miss Daisy), 1989

manygoodtips.com_12.06.2015_Ie5U7YteMaRTCSometimes one gets the impression that Morgan Freeman first born old and wise Negro African American. On account of his many cool movies, movie awards and nominations for an Oscar. Back in 1990 a picture «driving miss Daisy» won 4 gold man (Best actress, Best screenplay, Best film and Best Director), and the Freeman was in the list of nominees for «Best male role».

This wonderful ostrosotsialnye drama, spiced with subtle irony and humour, filmed on the script by Pulitzer prize winner Alfred URI. It tells the story of the complicated relationship between a rich older American woman with an explosive temper and her driver, an African American living in Atlanta in the 1950-ies when racial prejudice was at its peak. A film about people and humanity, kindness and patience, about the long road that leads to true friendship. After viewing such pictures in a bad mood shamefully runs away, and left a pleasant «aftertaste». A good movie for a nice evening.

3. The nature of the beast (The Nature of The Beast), 1995

The nature of the beast, lance Henriksen, Eric Roberts, 1995, (C) new lineLong before the two parts of the cult «of Jeepers Creepers» and «Peaceful warrior» Director Victor Salva made the film that was unfairly overlooked by audiences. Psychological Thriller «Nature of the beast» filed under sousom «road movie horror», but still the picture is very different from the classics of this genre – «Companion». The charismatic Eric Roberts and lance Henriksen throughout the movie tell us a story about how dangerous it is to give a premature rating and hang inappropriate labels on your neighbor.

A little about the plot: a successful businessman and a workaholic to the bone met in a roadside cafe with the hitchhiker, and then they’re on the road together, sitting at one machine. «And where is the intrigue?» you can ask. – «Maybe the hitchhiker – the most that neither is a bad guy!» So, dude, you’re right, but the fact that it is a moot question who got the better deal. Maybe you’re not going to review the film again, but will definitely recommend it to a friend and don’t regret about spent time.

4. Kung pow: Enter the fist (Kung Pow: Enter the Fist), 2002 how many negative reviews received one of my favorite comedies! «Well, how could the father of the «ACE Ventura» to rise to the light of such a worthless child?!» – ask the true connoisseurs of cinema. Although to get from this Comedy a real treat, only need to adhere to the principle: «don’t look for sense where there is none».

«Kung pow: Enter the fist» is a great parody of the popular movies about kung fu, with the crazy voice acting, absurd plot twists, sparkling humor, and one epic fight with a cow in a meadow. Although there is no fighting there is really a lot, and each one hotter than the last. Now, on the screen we see the history of the chosen, whose family in the past destroyed a ruthless villain Master Pain, which is absolutely impervious to pain. This scum remains unmoved, even when gets turn on Sarandon, and only Elected able to destroy the enemy and avenge their loved ones. Interested? Then see if you’re not Squidward.

5. Dances with wolves (Dances with Wolves) 1990

DANCES WITH WOLVES DVD SPECIAL EDITION ¥ MODERN MACHINE WORKS#4785 ¥ COMP D REVISION 1 ¥ 05.22.02Let’s start with the fact that this movie lasts four hours. Four fucking hours, filled with interesting history, stunning scenery, music, characters and themes. The film is mandatory viewing. He received numerous film awards, received the attention of critics and audiences and is always present in all kinds of tops «the best films».

The action takes place in the U.S. during the Civil war. Lieutenant of the American army transferred to a new place, closer to the Western borders of the country, where there is severe natural conditions, and live in the neighborhood dark, the indigenous inhabitants of North America… Those four hours is equal to seven «Oscars», and they will make your night beneficial.

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