Cinema Saturday #22

For the umpteenth time advises you a good movie for the weekend. I hope you don’t postpone it indefinitely. Today even though we are not Friday, but 13, so and movies today special: with a touch of philosophy and faith in something supernatural. So sit comfortably and enjoy!

1. She / Her (2013)

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2015_Y6Z1aIXt6zGfOThe collection opens with an incredibly interesting idea and nice execution drama spike Jones. The story tells us about the near future – a time when the relationship between man and computer has reached a new level. Now each operating system is designed for a particular person: she has thoughts, emotions and even feelings. Sometimes feelings of the people are reciprocal: the writer named Theodore literally fell in love with innovation. This film is more than a fantasy on the theme of: «So, what’s next?» This is a real cry from the heart, sincere and a little scary.

The past is the story we tell ourselves.

2. The legend of the pianist / La leggenda del pianista sull oceano

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2015_idA9snP1HvrQ2The movie, filmed in Italy with Briton Tim Roth in the title role (Yes, this is the man who can recognize your lies for kilometers). It is worth noting that the game was already at a serious level. What is important in the film? Music and inspiration. The plot is not something sverhgenialnym, but the mood is transmitted perfectly. And the finish from what I have seen is a pleasant – I want to discuss it with the person who does not care for his life.

… all is not lost and life is not over, as long as you have a good story and a friend who can tell.

3. Snatch / Snatch (2000) guess after all these dramatic and philosophical worries you want something witty and brutal. And here comes the British crime Comedy from guy Ritchie. At the time, the film joined the ranks of such masterpieces as «pulp fiction» and «lock, stock, and two Smoking barrels» which became a classic of the genre. Even if you have seen this movie a hundred times, there is a reason to brush up on meaningful dialogues. Special style and atmosphere is transferred to the voice from the Goblin (in the beginning of the century, Tufts was doing very good translations).

– What’s with those sausages, Charlie?

Five minutes, Turkish.

Five minutes ago you said you will be ready in two minutes.

4. Report / [Rec] (2007)

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2015_KYiEMchPFpk25Dude, this movie is not for the evening, and night. The Spanish film has generated a lot of clones and sequels, but the original is to learn the best. If you get to watch it and not truchot, you can consider yourself a hero. At least the creeps and the voltage provided. The main thing that after watching you’ll know exactly what to do, if you suddenly start a zombie Apocalypse. And no stinking virus will you scary!

Do not turn off the camera, Pablo! Take all this crap!

5. Being John Malkovich / Being John Malkovich (1999)

manygoodtips.com_22.05.2015_5Hlq94Gd16DTpIn this picture the main idea? No. Maybe something worth mentioning to yourself? Unlikely. But there is a sense that this is the genius of the film. Even «being John Malkovich» is a curious thing and like not from this planet. So less words, just watch. By the way, like the first film in the compilation, here the Director was spike Jones. Will be able to assess and, as he advanced in his career for 14 years.

It’s my head, and it is prohibited by law.

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