Cinema Saturday #21

Dude, how was your first week on this summer? I hope that without much effort, because maybe your exhausted by the labor of the mind is already anticipating the imminent vacation. Although what hinders us to organize a small rehearsal long-awaited vacation and lounging on the sofa, watch a couple good movies this weekend? What? Well, for example…

1. Unknown (Unknown), 2011

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_lV32UiTHXPZZOThis spring, Liam Neeson said that his days as action hero are numbered, they say, he’s too old for this shit. «Maybe a couple of years, if health permits, but that’s it… No action,» disappointed their fans old Liam. The actor is really talented: he is equally good in the role summer the defender of the oppressed and drama in a poignant manner. Films such as «Schindler’s List», «Michael Collins» and «Fight» made him famous all over the world. And while Neeson is not sailed away on a holiday, we will have to wait for new films with his participation and to revise the old. For example, today in our Saturday selection is such an interesting movie, as «Unknown», filmed on the novel by Didier van Cooler «Out of control».

The main character – a respectable man gets into an accident and waking up after several days spent in a coma, discovers that his place was taken by someone else. Literally. It doesn’t recognize wife, he has no name, no documents, but unexpectedly to his rescue comes a beautiful girl, taxi driver, who recognizes in him her recent passengers. Then everything in the best traditions of militants Neeson: car chases, shootouts and twisted plot. «Unknown» is an entertaining and intense Thriller that will make you break your head over what happens and was surprised with the ending.

2. Fastest Indian (The world’s Fastest Indian), 2005

With a quickNext in line is a great biopic about a famous motorcycle racer and inventor Herbert James Monroe, played by Anthony Hopkins – another old horse is better than two new. Monroe more than a quarter century perfecting his motorcycle «Indian» in 1920 the Assembly to set a land speed record on a motorcycle up to 1000 cm3. And we offer you to look at his thorny path to recognition and fame. This movie is about a man who, despite his advanced age, health problems and finances, to the end remained true to his dream, despite the ridicule and misunderstanding of others. It was after these films, and you begin to timidly believe that in this world everything is possible, and that there are dreams and goals, for which not mind no effort. «The fastest «Indian» is your pill of boredom, taking you might realize that we have no right to write off our failures on circumstances, because of our government – to change them in the right direction.

3. Trance (Trance), 2013

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_LSZ7AAE6nLeR3Danny Boyle – the Oscar-winning master of suspense genre. He is the author of such iconic songs, like «Trainspotting» and «the Beach». We are also grateful to him for «Slumdog Millionaire», «127 hours» and «28 days/weeks later». Well, this time the Director tries to immerse the viewer in «TRANS», and in this he was assisted by James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and hot as hell, Rosario Dawson. The movie was intriguing, confusing and stressful. And as soon as you begin to feel that you understand where Boyle had buried the dog on the screen, there is something unsettling your perception is.

The plot revolves around a stolen painting by Francisco Goya’s «Witches in the air», worth about 27 million pounds. Employee of the auction house robbery in progress gets a serious head injury, resulting in lost memory. This becomes a problem not only for him but for a decent number of not very decent people, because he’s the only one who knows where to find the picture, where there are no safe, no robbers.

From beginning to end, «TRANS» sustained in the best traditions of the genre of psychological Thriller, so if you’re a fan of such spectacle, this film is definitely one you’ll like.

4. Robbery in French (Crime Spree), 2003

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_gty4O5KsAPdEiOnce we stepped onto the fertile land of movie robberies, let’s look at how to do the French. Gerard Depardieu, more precisely, its hero Daniel Fore – leader, perhaps the most hapless gang in Paris. And when he gets the chance to commit the theft of the century, to conquer, so to speak, your personal Everest (the house of a rich jeweler in Chicago), he agrees without hesitation. But only dreams of a better life shattered on the harsh reality in which everything goes according to plan.

«The robbery on-French» is a powerful mixture of witty humor and crime genre. Great acting, good music and an interesting story – all are here, so viewing is recommended.

5. Invisible (The Invisible), 2007

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_UlEPxwTjD6yluCompleting today’s selection mystical drama «the Invisible», which is quite suitable for viewing in the company of a friend. The film is about how a guy who was not at the time and in the wrong place, becomes the victim of a brutal beating. Despite the fact that he is still teetering on the brink of life, his spirit wanders through familiar places, and the only one who sees it, – the girl participated in the crime. Hackneyed theme, but a new way that keeps interest throughout the movie, and the ending provokes mixed emotions.

Hope you found something for yourself in this collection. So you have a good movie night, dude!

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