Film Saturdays #19

Dude, I hope your working or school week was as productive as ours. So let’s quickly take a comfortable lying position, get out of the fridge into something delicious and just watch a good movie.

1. Fountain (The Fountain), 2006

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2015_vJrzYnTrqdFzAIf this Saturday you and your friend have decided to postpone social events till next weekend, why not make a night of just the two of you, away from the crowds? Can work together to prepare a light dinner, to discuss events of the week of the outgoing year and think about plans for the near future, surrender to animal sex, and then include the most romantic movie of the Oscar-winning Darren Aronofsky.

«Fountain» is a truly beautiful movie, though low budget. And to add entertainment, Darren used micro-photography of chemical reactions instead of expensive computer special effects. And to his credit, as this idea turned out to be something quite special. This painting is about eternity, about beauty and immortality and, of course, Love, this, with a capital letter. «Fountain» is a non-linear storyline, and will need some time to understand what we see on the screen: a fiction, a dream or reality. Vivid and emotional images are superimposed on each other, adding to the wonderful story, where the husband tries to find a cure for his dying wife.

The plot can be interpreted in different ways, since this philosophical film is metaphorical and esoteric in the extreme, so everyone will think the best of their knowledge and associative thinking. But even if you’re too lazy to strain your brain after a hard week of work, the film still touches you with its atmosphere, music, characters and great acting. Dude, it’s Aronofsky, what else we can expect from him?

2. Candy (Candy), 2005

Poradi.yak.ua_21.05.2015_pNSA23Tsz3gszAnother film about love. Do not think that we somewhere lost his balls and grew instead of the egg, because «candy» is, first of all, a cool psychological drama, where the main role is played by the Joker of all time – Heath Ledger. His hero is a young guy, full of enthusiasm and fire, who used to live one day, no plans, no goals, no proper job and no money. And of course, he meets a girl, talented and beautiful artist. Further still, in the song: «Hero on heroin heroine on heroin». Couple is enjoying each other, opening the sense, previously unknown, and to expand the boundaries of consciousness and feelings helps them dope. Here only it is necessary to make, and one love, as it turned out, can not eat.

This is not a typical film about drug addicts and their «hard» life. The film is divided into three parts: «Paradise», «Earth» and «Hell», so if you decide to take this cinematic journey with our heroes, you’ll have to go with them through all their sorrows and joy right to the inevitable ending that leaves a lasting impression.

3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Monty Python and the Holy Grail), 1975

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2015_j6liFqP2cTAzFThe British, like the French, know how to make special and very specific Comedy, from which the viewer comes to a complete delight, becoming an admirer of European creativity, or twisting a finger to his temple, thinking about who became the sponsor of the show seen the point of absurdity. But wait a minute, we are talking about the legendary and iconic «^ Robert Cushman»! Their films and sketches from «Flying circus» influenced the genre of Comedy as «The Beatles» for rock music. So let’s go back to the past years so 40 and see one of the four shot their «polnometrazhek» – «Monty Python and the Holy Grail».

The storyline is simple: King Arthur sends his loyal knights on a quest for an ancient artifact, followed by the full surrealism, unexpected turns and events, funny dialogues and eccentric characters, that is classic British humour. And no matter how you feel about him, is a classic, and this classic need to know.

4. Invincible (Unbreakable), 2000

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2015_rRkb7GQYeoVGDBruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are excellent actors who rarely appear in shitty movies. These names are a certain guarantee of quality, so seeing them, we are not without reason to expect an interesting plot and excellent game. At this time, the Director of «the Sixth sense» was filmed sci-Fi Thriller, based on the eponymous comic book. But «Unbreakable» is still different from your superhero «brothers». The film can be compared with amazingly delicious food that is prepared from the most common products. Here the mysticism blends into reality, and fiction resonates with common human drama that life throws. The film is about the meaning of life and purpose, how subjective is the concept of good and evil. In the end, it’s just a good movie with an unexpected ending.

5. The United States of Leland (The United States of Leland), 2003 teen commits murder, and none of the close environment of the young offender can not explain the reason for such cruelty. This film is difficult for perception and understanding, but you will not regret about spent time. Crime drama leaves after viewing a strange aftertaste, and will want to discuss that painting with anyone else, as after the final credits you will be overfilled with emotions.

«The United States of Leland» rarely seen in the best movies, but in our opinion, this picture unfairly deprived of attention, so it is time to correct this gross injustice tonight.

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