Film Saturdays #18

Seems like just yesterday you grilled kebabs, noting the labor day… And now look at the calendar, and then to face the truth: you can’t bring your body in order by this summer. Again. It’s the middle of the last month of spring, but the bones are still wide. So go to the gym. Well, after a swing with a clear conscience go back on the couch and watch these great films from our list.

1. Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko), 2001

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_8BBtDHYPswws8Opens our today’s selection is a very strange movie, and it’s clearly not for everybody. About that movie? Probably, it is a social drama about the life of a troubled teen, is filled with metaphors and allusions, incomprehensible to a mere mortal. Or maybe sci-Fi Thriller, where one reality is superimposed on another, which leads to confusion. It is difficult to answer unequivocally, because it all mixed into one strong and beating in the head shake.

When Alice jumped into the hole, following the rabbit, the same animal went Neo trying to «escape» from the Matrix, young Donny is also found in imaginary friends one rabbit, the kind of which can run herd over the body chills. Apparently, this furry animal is a fixture in unknown devilry. So, our main character goes to school, tries to build relationships with peers and parents, as well as seeing a psychiatrist, because some of his actions can easily be written in the column «inappropriate behavior». Choosing this movie, you can spend the evening in the company of Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze, drew Barrymore, listening to great soundtracks and watching weird action. Speaking of the latter: the Creator of the film uncut version, after watching which much becomes clear. But for me, it is so vague and ambiguous, because it gives you the opportunity to think through and pofantaziruete something.

2. Night Boogie (Boogie Nights), 1997

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_CJMF1FncSzItSThis film is about the development and «behind the scenes» life of the world of the porn industry of the 70-ies. Here, mark Wahlberg plays the well-known and extremely popular porn star, which is the road to fame (even of this kind) was given very hard. In addition to Wahlberg, the film is graced Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, the lovely Heather Graham and Philip Seymour Hoffman. There are a lot of explicit scenes and twisted souls. Drug addiction and prostitution, debauchery and the atmosphere of permissiveness – all this can be found in one film that catches from the first minute and for two and a half hours (!) firmly holds the gills, striking colorful images, characters, story and ending. This is a great drama and a good movie, so be sure to find it.

3. Beautiful life/How to take care of business (Taking Care of Business), 1990

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_2d15kIAl8eDTlAnother hi from the 90s, this time cheerful. The film’s plot is quite simple, but the comedic talent of James Belushi, which you often confuse with bill Murray, will not leave any chance to boredom and bad mood. So, a successful businessman loses together all your credit cards, important notes and keys to the apartment where the money is (well, to the apartment… from the chic mansion in Malibu), and all of this stuff accidentally finds escaped from prison, con man Jimmy dworsky. It is easy to guess that from that moment the lives of the characters changes dramatically, and we only need to see the adventures these guys.

Movie pleases the audience with great jokes, funny secondary characters, brilliant acting and unobtrusive sense of nostalgia that occurs during viewing. So if you’re looking for a good Comedy for tonight, your search is over. Thank you to us.

4. Unbroken (Unbroken), 2014

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_DlG8VVo59y1cDThe debut directorial work of Angelina Jolie «In the land of blood and honey» critics and audiences met pretty cool. Jolie did not lose courage, enlisted the support of the Coen brothers, who wrote the script, based popular book by Laura Hillenbrand, and took a decent movie, where the military theme was revealed more fully and interestingly than in the first picture.

On the screen we see a story based on real events: the American athlete Louis Zamperini, who took part in the Olympic games of 1936 in Berlin, is sent to the front with the outbreak of the Second world war. As a result, he is captured by the Japanese, which strongly mock their prisoner, subjecting him to all sorts of torture and humiliation. But, as we can judge from the title, breaking Zamperini limbs, enemies can’t break his spirit. Unfortunately, in reality the main character is a little did not live to see the premiere of the film, but he had time to see the rough footage and was satisfied with the work as Director and selection of actors for the main roles.

«Unbroken» was nominated for «Oscar» in three categories (best operator, best sound, best sound editing), and won the prize actors Guild for best stunt team.

5. God bless America! (God Bless America!), 2011

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_a9P6qWo8Tvtc8Satirical and provocative film concerning political and social topics, and will appeal to you once and for all, or reject its cynicism and cruelty. The middle will not. We made the choice long ago, and today we offer you to evaluate the directorial brainchild of Bob Goldthwaite, if for some reason you didn’t before. Here we see the story terribly tired of the rotten and immoral society men. Fortunately, he is not alone in his hatred of people, it supports young eccentric girl, and together they decide to reduce the number of stupid human biomass that occurs on their way. And the most interesting is that the pair that produces the gut left and right, is the most adequate and normal of all the ones shown on the screen.

The movie makes you think, and would you a victim of these butchers, if you met them face to face? In General, you have to choose from, and we hope that this Saturday you will not be bored.

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