Cinema Saturday #17

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_TPxb09YB5B4RVThe second world war, the French dubbed as the «funny war» (drole de guerre), and the British as the «phony» (phoney war), she will forever remain great and Holy that none of us have the right to forget. It has claimed the lives of millions of people, and there was not a house where would not cry about losing. My grandfather, who is long dead were veterans of the great Patriotic war. One of them was awarded a medal «For courage» and the other received the medal «Partisan of the Patriotic war». And how I regret that did not manage their time to ask them about what they have experienced because of the war they always spoke reluctantly and with restraint. We have kept home medals, awards and photographs. One of them is depicted as a very young grandmother, and the touching inscription «to My beloved tank.» Grandfather said with this photo in the chest he went through the horror and hardships.

Today the whole country celebrates the 70th anniversary of the great Victory, and we hope that for you this is not another excuse to get drunk in the snot. And if your evening will be free today, join us, because this Saturday we’re reviewing your favorite Soviet films about the great Patriotic war.

1. The dawns here are quiet, 1972

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_r1Gh18NJ1lS9fThis magnificent film is divided into two parts: the first hour we are introduced to the main characters, and a neat small strokes of an artist painting a holistic picture of the nature of each of them. We witness everyday sketches of the war years. Eavesdropping on conversations and trying to share fears, feel sincere sympathy to those who have traded pretty dresses for a tunic, to those who hid their most secret girlish dreams in the far corner, because in the war there. Each of the characters carries a heavy imprint on the heart of sadness, but grief is shared across the country, as there was not a single family which would not have mourned their loved ones. Closer to the middle of the movie begins to unfold the storyline: five female anti-aircraft gunners under the leadership of Sergeant Fedot Vaskov going to explore, to enter into an unequal battle with the enemy paratroopers…It was a battle of local significance, but it fought not for the forest with swamps, but for their children, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, for the whole country. This is a movie for the ages and for all generations, however, like many other Soviet war films.

2. Aty-Baty, were soldiers…, 1976

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_aCW5gwUdbQG8qDespite the fact that this film has been reviewed several times, each time like the first, when viewed suspiciously tingling from something salty eyes. And you know that it is not a shame, because «man doesn’t cry – a man upset». This film by Leonid Bykov shot shortly before his death, and even after a heart attack, obtained on the set, he did his job, giving the country a Great movie that will never lose its relevance. On the screen we see life and difficult lives (who though it was easy in this terrible time) 18 guys from Komsomol platoon who gave their life to stop a column of enemy tanks. Heroism and courage in this film are deprived of excessive pathos, dictated by the party. The main characters are striking sincerity, irony and humour, the passion for life and belief in his innocence. About all I remember about it are the descendants of the victims, gathered together on the field of past battles. And we should be proud of such soldiers, not only during Patriotic may the aggravation, but every time, turning your glance in the past.

3. Ballad of a soldier, 1956

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_fwTeJk8aVsF2SBeautiful, touching and a little naive film about love, kindness and honor, which was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay, and won numerous awards at film festivals worldwide, including Cannes. On the screen we see the heroism of a young soldier on the battlefield who, after asking the officers a short leave to go to visit his mother. But on his way home, he meets many people who need his help. The heart of the Russian soldier Alyosha filled with courage and kindness, so he can’t turn away from those who require it. Meeting mother short and piercingly emotional, he promises her that he will definitely come back, but, alas, does not fulfill this promise. This film is about war, but more human relationships and humanity in wartime.

4. Go to fight some «old people», 1973

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_cjts0RGmkQyiPAnother great film by Leonid Bykov about eternal values. It seamlessly blended genres such as tragedy and Comedy, drama and adventure. The «singing» squadron of young soldiers gave us «Darkie», and to me, this movie is worth watching on the 9th of May. The legendary movie that is almost entirely taken away on citations, once again reminds us what a high price we had to pay for a Great Victory.

5. Officers, 1971

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_kRCp4HcalsYh6This movie is a tribute to all those who died in the war. Figuratively speaking, every word in this word of gratitude for the shed blood and gave their lives. It’s a movie-epic movie-epoch, and, looking at it today, we again and again to smile and empathize, to sympathize and to be proud of, finding themselves forgotten in the echoes of faith in humanity. Brilliant acting, great scenes without deliberate Soviet propaganda, dialogue, and music – it’s all about big men and big fate, about real friendship and duty to the country. So what else do you need film in this festive day?

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