Cinema Saturday #16

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_c4FxdaAZLZWPIIf suddenly, for some reason, all this barbecue may day Orgy bypassed your house party, we still will not let you be bored. Feast of the feast, and cynosbati has not been canceled! Collapses on the couch and let yourself relax under a good movie.

1. The hitcher: the Beginning, or the Bloody hitchhiking (autostop-red), 1978

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_2Zg0XZbHWfWMBLong before the famous «Companion» with the incomparable Rutger Hauer, who you might’ve seen was this Italian film that tells the story, in fact, painfully familiar story. A young married couple travelling together, gives a lift to a transport charming stranger at first glance adheres to the fair rules. But the mask of benevolence falls off the face of the companion pretty quickly, and here begins the real adventure of the genre of «road horror movie».

In Hollywood, this theme is not exploited just lazy, but the 1978 film still stands alone among all American «fellow travelers.» First, on the screen we see two villain, even if one of them wants to gut any unwanted (well, only if his wife, with whom he is at odds), a doll it is still not called. Second, in addition to the main plot, a very interesting line of relations between the spouses themselves. Well, and third, holds the viewer’s attention to the beauty of one of the main Italian sex divas of the 70s- Corinne Clery. See this movie, because you’re going to meet a kind classic and will see much more than another «maniac» Thriller.

2. Remember (Memento), 2000

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_2N4o3sT3n65pYThis film was nominated for an Oscar for «Best screenplay» and «Best editing» and also brought Christopher Nolan’s ardent love of fans and the admiration of critics. Just note Director’s idea: all the action presented to us in reverse chronological order. The first ten minutes it is surprising, but then, step by step, you start together with the characters to Wade through the intricate maze of the plot.

By the way, about the plot. The protagonist swore to avenge the murder of his wife, but the already difficult task is complicated by the fact that after physical and mental trauma he has a rare form of amnesia, loss of short memory. Dude remembers everything that happened before the tragedy, but that was 15 minutes ago, for him a mystery. Needless to say, he found an original way out of the situation, otherwise we would not have seen such a cool movie, which is more of a drama than a Thriller. So stock up with something tasty, was the phone on silent mode and focus your attention on this picture of the famous Director with the equally famous and talented actors. Will not be bored.

3. Unthinkable (The Unthinkable), 2009

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_Ye9mCVVyr2TDeThe theme of terrorism in the cinema of the United States occupies a special niche and sometimes it seems that if any kingslake add a few relevant story lines, it will save the Director’s brainchild from the final and irreversible failure. But we shit you not advise and suggest to watch a great movie where everything in moderation, except for the immense talent of the good old Samuel L. Jackson.

To describe the main intrigue of the picture, it doesn’t take long: former U.S. military announced that it had set three nuclear charge in the largest cities of the country. And «split» the terrorist is the government charges someone with the issue of torture experience. Actually all. Bored? Not at all! Awesome dialogues, oppressive atmosphere, a complex psychological picture painted by each hero of this film will not disappoint you as a viewer.

4. Ostrov (The Island), 2005

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_kP0eW3EXyskTQInitially, the interest in the film may occur after you know to the cast: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Bean and Steve Buscemi, to entertain you for two hours. Did you miss the chance once again to see the outstanding talents of the blonde beauties Scarlett? Though, probably, and without her the film would be no less interesting.

The film tells of a near utopian future, where people live in a carefully controlled space. Do you know more about it, if you’ll stop your choice on this movie, where, in addition to interesting ideas, has good storyline, action and great music. And if you like it «the Island», don’t forget to read the work of Michel Houellebecq, «the Possibility of an island», where a similar theme is revealed in a more full and hard.

5. Twin (Le jumeau), 1984

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_vN2lqSo5gS5RlWell, why not round off today’s selection of great French Comedy starring Pierre Richard? This film has received the status of classics from the world of European cinema, and it can be reviewed again and again, enjoying good and really funny humor.

So, the hero Richard meets with two charming twins-American women, heiresses to a fortune, and tells them that he also has a twin brother. And what was said as a joke, turns into a real game with disguises, interesting tricks and absurdities. The matter is complicated unexpectedly developed feelings for both girls and inability to confess his deception, because it’s gone too far. Great movie, which will give respite to your weary brain and give during and after viewing a lot of pleasant experiences. What else you need in this lovely may evening?

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