Film Saturdays #15

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_oxnOLcez9dRWNDude most likely next weekend you will participate in the annual barbecue-beer may day flash mob, to warm their exhausted from working body under the rays of the spring sun (if you’re lucky with the weather, of course) and relax with friends anywhere in the country. And working week will be very short, which makes this Saturday even more beautiful. And very wonderful it makes our selection of the suitable movie that we carefully select for you personally. So, what do we have here?

1. Terminal (The Terminal), 2004

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_z0rw9lJOT9JkGOur Saturday selection opens a kind and slightly naive Comedy where the inimitable Tom Hanks played an unremarkable middle-aged man, fell under the merciless wheels of the bureaucratic machine. The film’s protagonist Victor Navorski, subjected to the fictional country of Krakozhia, is visiting the US, but while he was flying the plane, his homeland was a coup. In the end, it is not allowed to the territory of new York, and go back. Now his new home – the international terminal of the airport. Unhappy man, hardly speaks English, owns a large sum of money, is forced to get out of the situation in all possible ways, and this helps him wit, imagination and a lively wit and good-natured character.

Spielberg can rightly be called a genius Director, he is equally good as fantastic entertaining movies, and history, as if taken from life, about ordinary people caught in unusual situations. In this film we are reminded of the simple truths we so easily forget the pressure of everyday hustle and bustle, hassle and domestics. «Terminal» is a wonderful movie that will certainly give you a positive emotions, and this will agree, it never hurts.

2. What’s eating Gilbert Grape? (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), 1993

Porada.s.ua_23.04.2015_pYCEb22PoR3JODo not say, but still nice to see the acting talent of a young johnny Depp to the era of his «Vorob» antics. He is a very strong dramatic actor, but, unfortunately, its current roles allow us to forget about it. By the way, how one of his last works – «the Advantage»? Although it’s not about that, we’re a little distracted. «What’s eating Gilbert Grape?» may seem calm, measured and even static film, where the protagonist, a resident of provincial backwater, struggling to make ends meet, having a dependent mother to be of immense size, two sisters and mentally retarded brother, who is brilliantly played by 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio. Incidentally, the latter personally endorsed the role of Depp, Leo selecting from the many applicants for this challenging role.

Gilbert wants to break that bond, but the sense of duty does not allow him to do it. But everything changes when… Hey, well, did you take a look yourself and find out. In General, this is a Film with a capital letter, where we strained trying to squeeze avaricious man, and although this movie can be classified as «heavyweights», after seeing it on the left with a light feeling of sadness and hope.

3. Weekend at Bernie (Weekend at Bernie’s), 1989

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_ScFmxrdOup32v«Weekend at Bernie’s» is one of my favorite comedies of the 90s. Then again and again we loaded the VCR with this tape, to view the entry in the circle of friends. Heavens, how time flies! As quickly aging our bearded faces! And such films are relentlessly remind us of that, in fact, not hurt us again laugh at jokes has long been known by the good old classics of the genre. In the center of a complex plot – a couple of friends who work in well-known insurance company and found a suspicious of fraud, which was immediately transferred to the user. The Director, rich, like Mr. Mac, Dee, invites the boys to his residence, but not to entertainment events among a luxurious environment, but for the sake of killing. Unfortunately for financial fraudster and happiness for friends is not everything went according to plan, and the situation got completely out of control, thereby giving us a bunch of funny situations and dialogues. Allow yourself to give in to the nostalgia and devote time watching a good movie, because it is as good as 26 years ago.

4. Alpha Dog (Alpha Dog), 2005

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_Rml92GIVLbdfWOn the screen we see the story of the life of the uncontrolled children of rich parents, who, playing in an adult life of drugs, parties and alcohol, at one point losing control of everything that happens around. And what started as a joke, is rapidly sliding into a tragic abyss. It is a social drama about a generation of both parents and children played whole group of really great actors. The film is based on real events that makes perception even more, causing mixed feelings after seeing and informed.

5. The life of David Gale (The Life of David Gale), 2002 the collection of detective psychological Thriller starring Kevin spacey and Kate Winslet. The main character, David Gale, family-oriented, a respected Professor and a man of the most fair rules – are accused of brutal murders and falls in death row. Also, we see a young journalist who after the interview with Gale seeks to investigate this strange case in just a few days before the execution of the convict. The film keeps in suspense until the very end, great story, interesting ending and raised the subject of the film will make you poraskinut brains even after seeing it.

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