Cinema Saturday #14, this April day gives you plenty of prospects. But you most likely will sit at home behind a computer or TV unless your friend will not drag you into the woods, suggesting it to her… to dance. Because she knows that April 18 – the day of the dance awakened in the forest! Well, if you’re too lazy for that fun, we have, as always, there are some good movies that will help to make a good movie night and chase away a sudden surge of boredom. Start?

1. Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon Dynamite), 2004

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_gVgWquQX2g9tuDude, trust me, «Napoleon Dynamite» will not leave you indifferent. Or you will come to delight, or pomorsu nose, troubled by the fact that slipped you utter movie-bullshit. But bear in mind that even famous film critics have been unable to come to unanimous opinion, assessing the scene: the characteristics ranged from «extremely foolish» to «cult» and personally, we adhere to the second opinion. The film cannot be unambiguously attributed to the genre of Comedy, it is full of strange conversations, unusual humor and strange characters. And if the viewer catches a wave, the viewer will bring a lot of positive emotions.

In the center of the plot – a resident of a provincial backwater, Napoleon Dynamite, whose nature is completely opposite epic name. Quiet and unassuming student, the inner circle which is not something to be losers, and are not like all men. We watch as he helps the other to become class President as trying to build relationships with my family and the opposite sex, and, of course, not to mention his Grand dance, which went down in history of cinema as one of the most spectacular. The film received many awards and had a triumph at the MTV Movie Awards» 2005, received prizes in the categories «Best film», «Breakthrough of the year» (male role) and «Best music moment». This contradictory picture that deserves your attention, so just relax and watch silently.

2. Blood diamond (Blood Diamond), 2006

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_7vQUuem9OE848Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar for this film, however, as for many others. But let’s not dwell on that because we believe on his street one day turn over the truck with the Golden men. This time Leo appears to us as a desperate smuggler, trading sales of diamonds during the civil war in Sierra Leone in 1999. The film addresses the issues of violation of human rights, talks about the chaos of civil war, where the sides are fueled by greed and do not stop to send to war young boys. And the price of hundreds of lives – one is a rare diamond. In the movie enough and shooting, and dialogues – all in moderation just enough to not get tired neither from one nor from the other.

3. A time to kill (A Time to Kill), 1996

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_Hcqvqf9iyWsqCMatthew McConaughey, Sandra bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin spacey and Donald Sutherland not gathered in one film that you missed while watching. Crime drama tells the story of a trial over the man who shot the rapists of his young daughter, then as a young successful lawyer attempts to achieve recognition of innocence grieving father. Provocative film about racism and inequality will not be your regular gum for the brain. After watching you will certainly find something to ponder and think.

4. Inferno (Sunshine), 2007

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_SW1OSmDA4GEIGDanny Boyle gave us a really decent films, including «Trainspotting», «Slumdog Millionaire», «127 hours» and, of course, «Hell.» This sci-Fi Thriller in which the classical canons of the genre mixed with the original vision of the Director, where great actors masterfully conveyed to the viewer the emotions and the characters and music and entertainment throughout the safe kept in suspense.

On the screen we see not so distant future where the sun is almost extinguished, and humanity’s last hope for survival – the mission of the spaceship «Icarus II». The purpose of the expedition is to revive the Orb, hitting it the most powerful atomic bomb. Even in words it doesn’t seem an easy task to speak about the case. While there is no need to talk – better to press Play and spend the evening watching cool movies from the world of Sci-Fi.

5. Wristcutters: a love story (Wristcutters: A Love Story), 2006

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_UzPxO3KikKuh1Do not be confused darkly corny title of this film, because he is worth every spent minute. «Wristcutters: a love story» is one of those paintings that I come across quite by accident, and then suggest to all friends to view, since such emotions necessarily want to share.

The main character falls into an alternate version of the afterlife for suicides where the sullen residents listen to music and work at a shit job. In principle, all as in reality, only worse and worse for everyone. But life – or rather death of our friend filled with meaning, when he learns that his girlfriend also followed in his footsteps. Without hesitation, the suicidal, quits his job and goes in search of the lady of his heart. And then, in fact, start a funny and touching adventure full of philosophical dialogues, unexpected turns and wonderful music. Call friend to spend the evening watching an interesting movie, and after the main program still view it.

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