Film Saturdays #11

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_ucgi2ibu72DZLWell, dude, interesting to see what we have planned for you? I hope our selection won’t disappoint you, because we have tried to accommodate the varied taste preferences of our readers. So, stocking up on something delicious and Google in the search engine such names…

1. Little miss sunshine (Little Miss Sunshine), 2006

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_lpHDRxfgMeDVfDo not be confused sweet the name of that movie, trust, passion in this boil is not for children. This film can be called a tragicomedy, though it blended so many genres that emphasize one particular is quite difficult. We see the life of one unhappy family, where everyone is unhappy. The father of the family sluggish maintains relationships with his wife, uncle – held suicidal, the eldest son is unable to deal with their numerous cockroaches, and decorate the family a completely bad grandpa. And, it would seem that overall there is no intersection at all, but then the smallest member of the family receives an invitation to speak and the children’s competition of beauty «Little miss sunshine». And what happens, you know, watching this wonderful film about the complex world of adult relationships.

2. Ray (Ray), 2004

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_fEzq9xzWZQFsWThe film-biography about the life and creative life of the great American musician who became famous in the genre of soul and rhythm and Blues. Ray has created over 70 albums, recording industry, has been awarded 17 Grammy awards, his name is in the hall of fame rock-n-roll, jazz, country and Blues. But for his success he paid with blood, sweat, and tears. Impoverished and difficult childhood, blindness, drugs, the attacks of racists on this soil sprouted his incredible talent and worldwide recognition. This strange man was married twice and was awarded the genes of their talent 12 children born from nine different women. Jamie Foxx played the role of Charles, received the «Oscar» for best actor. So why this Saturday you can’t turn the pages of music history and see what happened behind the scenes life of a famous singer and musician?

3. Schindler’s list (Schindler’s List), 1993

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_GIKOti3AgRGdySpielberg gave the world a masterpiece that even after many decades will be to produce in the viewer the same impression of the delight and ambiguity of what he saw. The film shows the events that occurred during the Second world war in the Polish city of Krakow. It’s a movie about how difficult it is to remain human in inhuman conditions, as it is important to remember not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and that there are no bad nationalities, there are bad people. 7 «Oscars», a great game Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, as well as stunning music will not leave anyone indifferent after viewing. It’s a decent movie for a decent film enthusiasts.

4. Clash (Crash), 2004

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_q5D8t2KMXABQkThe film received a Golden man in three nominations: «Best film», «Best screenplay» and «Best editing». The subject of this painting is intertwined with the fate of different heroes, and each story is a small drama. Here good people make mistakes and bad trying to fix them. Anyway, it is very difficult to assess and categorize «good hero – bad hero», because in this movie all do in life. Shit can happen to anyone, and you never know what to expect from yourself when life throws you cancer.

5. Seven psychopaths (Seven Psychopaths), 2012 completes the top five films «Seven psychopaths» by Martin McDonagh, the Director who gave us «lay low in Bruges». In the center of the story – a writer who feels a strong flour of creative constipation. He can’t finish the requested work, as all the Muses of the world has forgotten the way to the house of this unfortunate. Just at this time his friend decides to kidnap the dog, and not just a yard dog and beloved pet of the main local gangster who anyone with a brain will avoid. But a film about psychopaths, which means you will not be bored. A great British film with non-standard situations, cool music, good actors and humor.

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