Film Saturdays #106

When we write about films in the one hundred and sixth time, we feel how our bones become old. But we do not lose heart, because the more movies look, the wiser he becomes. This means that we will have more opportunities to recommend you a good movie. Today, for example, we collected another five of the films that will be able to sink into your brain and touch your soul. There is a horror movie, it is Thriller and, of course, there are easier genres of movies for every taste and for any occasion.

1. The Joneses (The Worse), 2010

Won’t bore you with the thrillers and dramas from the beginning of the day. Better recommend smart and social Comedy about «perfect lifestyle» to which you so aspire. Imagine that in your neighborhood comes a lovely family that embodies the American dream. Couple — perfect, never complains and can afford the simple pleasures of life. Children are also perfect — they support each other, diligently. All the family like and all the inhabitants of the surrounding lands trying to be like her. But you grew up in Russia, so I need mistrust, to treat this family. Something is wrong with her. Exactly say.

The «ideal» family of Jones was played by iconic Hollywood stars: David Duchovny, demi Moore and amber heard. They do not reveal the secrets of their characters at once, leave the best for later, that you just have faith in the American dream.

2. The Maid (The Help), 2011

This movie is loosely based on the eponymous novel by Kathryn Stockett. The novel was pretty damn successful — at the time of the release of the film has sold 5 million copies. This fact once again confirms that if you want something, never give up, because the author refused to publish 60 times (in General, say more, but the exact numbers we don’t know). But let’s talk about the movie, not the book.

«Servants» is the most successful film directed by Tate Taylor. It tells the story of the American South sample 60-ies. This is the era that brought the fighters for the rights of people. The young generation is actively raises the question of old and angry people who used to live as their parents lived. But the young see that the world is far from perfect and it needs to be changed, because everyone deserves a good relationship and a good life. So, the story unfolds in the provincial town of Jackson, which is reminiscent of a sleepy swamp. The young girl returned home, receiving a decent education. She wants to become a writer, but may not be conservative South has long defined a woman’s place and it’s men with children. Will she succeed or will she have to come to terms with a terrible reality? But what we are fixated on stories of white girls, because the Oscars the film received not for it, and for a secondary role Octavia Spencer, who played Minnie, the cocky dark-skinned girl who’s a great cook, but he can’t keep his mouth shut. All the heroes (there still is one old lady) connected by one thing — a heightened sense of justice, which is nothing.

3. The Chimera (Splice), 2009

We watched this movie is still fresh, but even now, especially after the release of «Morgan» (a film on the same theme, only worse), we realized that «Chimera» is still the trump sci-Fi movie on the topic of creating other forms of life in the form of a woman. The film is really good, although it has a lot of haters, especially among the Christian radicals. It so happened that the film touches upon the problem of creation. Sore subject, if you think you can do it only God. In any case, it is better to treat the movie easier, otherwise you’ll shield yourself from everything cool. Besides, the movie is just about why the creation of artificial life can lead to disaster.

Film begins with the fact that two young scientists, who live side-by-side, synthesize protein and trying to create a hybrid of man and animal. It turns out the Chimera, but not in the classic sense — no head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a snake. But without these details the infernal creature is unusual. He looked human, but human is not. The monster is able to feel, to love, but can’t be human. Chimera Matures, but the older she gets, the big controversy comes with their «parents.»

4. Don’t breathe (don’t Breathe), 2015

Movies about the «brilliant» robberies have long killed our brain, liver and spleen. We have had enough of ocean’s eleven and illusions of deception. Inspirational movie about the handsome robbers just got. Fortunately, we found a brutal movie about how one simple robbery turned into a nightmare.

The main characters are a group of young people who live in Detroit. Before Detroit was the industrial capital of America, but one of the Governor-populist made of pearls, which worked on all the States, one big piece of shit. But it’s not about that. You just have to know that Detroit is a bad city. He half-died, the house abandoned, leaving only the poorest or the oldest. Youngsters do nothing — they earn as they can, robbing honest people. Every robbery is not only a desire to cash in, but also the desire to shift away from its cheap and dirty life. Unwittingly imbued with sympathy for thieves, which is not surprising — among them hanging out quite a nice girl. Soon, the criminals give a tip that could solve all problems with money — Iraq war veteran, old hermit, whose daughter died recently, now lives in the house where a large amount of money. How can you not take up the case, especially when this old, blind? When the trio enters the house, she faces far more serious problems than the poor life. Not all will return home safe and alive.

5. The possession of Michael king (The Possession of Michael King), 2014

Michael king’s wife died. She was a bit hi — believed in all sorts of astrologers, fortune tellers and other magic stuff. In the end, the lone guy who was madly in love with his wife, became a single dad. You probably think that my daughter will begin to make some kind of game, because in horror films it always happens with children, but the creators of «Obsession» we were surprised — the kid was in this movie the most appropriate character. But Michael king is not.

The main character decided that the death of the wife is to blame antediluvian delusion, which was guided in life by his wife. He wants to prevent another death, releasing a documentary that debunks the myth about the existence of supernatural forces, demons and ghosts. To this end, he hires an operator and meets the most malicious representatives of black magic that needs to conduct a series of rituals. The beauty of it is that these rituals need to change it. For example, to strike the devil in his body. Of course, Michael king doesn’t believe in demons, because he’s smart, a representative of modern humanity. He knows what is real and what is not. He has the brains of a scientist, a Troll and a scientist, but not a coward who fears what is not. But what if he’s wrong? What if demons are real, and not all charlatans — the charlatans? What if magic exists? A terrible movie that can arouse doubts even in the most radical atheist.

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