Cinema Saturday #104

Good to find you on their own — this requires our category «Cinema Saturdays», which opens a new season 2017. We don’t change our tastes and goals, so today you’ll get a good batch of recommendations that will cover movies of different genres. There is no guarantee that you’ll like all the movies, but if your soul remains at least one, then we think that our mission is accomplished. The movie is completely different, and the only thing they have in common is a good story, which can cause a tectonic shift in your consciousness.

1. True story (True Story), 2015

In this film plays the dynamic Duo consisting of Jonah hill and James Franco. Sometimes it seems that they give you a discount, if they are taken to work together. If you’re a fan of comedies where the guys that pass by: «the True story» — a serious film based on real events. We conducted an investigation and learned that the film really reproduces a story which really happened. In its center — the journalist Michael Finkel, whose career rapidly went down, after the editors found out that he «decorated» his story about violence against plantation workers. Finkel had to write a rebuttal and leave the top edition of the new York times. Meanwhile in Mexico, a guy named Christian Longo is represented by the name Finkel when he communicates with other people. Longo convinces people that he is a journalist from new York times. It sounds strange, it’s funny, but only until the moment when it catches the police, accused of the brutal murder of his own family — a real Finkel sees this as a sign that is capable of back in action big journalism.

But the story is not about journalism, but about how much can lead a lie. A great Thriller that is able to keep you in suspense until the final credits.

2. Sing Street (Sing Street), 2016

The Irish people are crazy and very musical. You don’t look at the fact that Ireland — a small country. They have a very cool cinema, which seriously stands out against British and American. Even if you can see the drama, they’ll find the irony and Comedy. And if you look Comedy, where will be sad. Irish people do not like uniqueness, any movie full of undertones, which represent real life.

As a good example, we found the film, sing Street is a film about a teenager who passes the stages of growing up in a strict public school. Irish schools differ little from Russian, so you understand what is happening there. But the guy quickly finds friends, and then falls in love with a girl, but she is so inaccessible that it remains nothing, except how to assemble a rock band. A lot of music, wrench, young. The movie really provokes you to look at his own past.

3. Miracle on the Hudson (Sully), 2016

«January 15, 2009 the captain of flight 1549 Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing on the cold Hudson river in new York. None of those on Board, 155 people have not suffered», — it can be read in all the new York Newspapers, because this is a real story. The captain of the plane was a real hero. The public loved him, the media is also not left behind. However, the state did not let up, it decided to conduct an investigation, which could cost captain Chesley career.

The film is about what happens when the hero is confronted with modernity, bureaucracy and brutality of the state machine. Another theme from the Clint Eastwood we didn’t expect. So watch, enjoy the genius of Eastwood, and learn to distinguish truth from falsehood.

4. Hardcore, 2015

We often suggest Russian films, and you can probably guess why. But it happens that a good idea in the face of Ilya Naishuller finds good money in the person of Timur Bekmambetov. The film production is connected not only Russian but also American teams, and is a very pleasant movie that looks stylish, bold and unusual.

«Hardcore» is a Thriller that immersed in fiction (cyborgs!), and then piled into the tank with movies, where action is given a Central place («Adrenaline», for example). We liked that the film is not secondary to American paintings. Naishuller took only the cream from Hollywood, and the content filled by himself. No philosophy and deep meaning in this movie should not be expected — «Hardcore» was created to ensure that people enjoyed the picture and action. We recommend you to watch a large company is to follow the plot do not have, you can enjoy socializing. This is not to call «Hardcore» fluff. It’s just a decent movie, and if our filmmakers often cast such militants, the criticism in your address, they would not have heard.

5. Krampus (Krampus), 2016

But we forgot that this is Christmas. Disorder. We need to bring to our guests a little Christmas spirit, so keep the «Krampus» — a horror movie that is literally steeped in Christmas traditions of Europe. Krampus is such an evil being that takes naughty children with him — the opposite of Santa Claus. Being quite bloodthirsty and cruel (and how else to deal with naughty children?).

In General, you understand roughly where we tend. The film shows a family, which can hardly be called bad. The usual kind of modern family that’s falling apart, like all the average family in the movies. Families that teach of the father’s life. The situation is heating up, and one of the kids breaks a letter to Santa Claus — he ceases to believe in miracles. He shouldn’t have done, because very soon the family home will be sadut Krampus and his henchmen: clowns eat children; a Teddy bear with sharp as sharpened knives, teeth, and even Christmas cookies that will learn to talk. Surreal, funny and creepy movie about what family values even in the modern world is still important and can cost lives.

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