Cinema Saturday #103

Tell me, please, how many times today did you see «twist of fate», «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation», «Gentlemen of fortune», «the Sorcerers»? I agree, the movies are good, but show them too often, like Christmas American Comedy. How can?! But once such people have a tradition to watch old movies, then here’s a few Soviet-Russian non-erased paintings with the same theme. And with the upcoming holiday!

1. Zigzag udachi, 1962

The nondescript shop, which has a very strange and motley crew. And one of the workers wins the lottery fabulous at the time denzhischi — 10,000 rubles. That’s just 10 rubles he get from the mutual Fund, and greedy, envious people began greedily rocks on the winner. But all saves from the massacre of the New year.

It would seem that easy discreet movie, sometimes obscenely naive. But it Ryazanov, and some good humor there are deep topics that, besides money and greed, in a humorous and even satiric touches on themes of love, female jealousy, human filth, beauty and ugliness, and so on.

Particularly pleased with the cast — the very good, not kulturama Soviet actors, which by its very appearance guaranteed quality of the picture. With Christmas here soon, the entourage and the final conciliation of the Banquet, and they are more than enough to create a festive picture, so this is absolutely a Christmas movie.

2. Looking for a woman, 1982

Very ironic detective story, which was a place of murder, and good humor. This is despite the fact that almost the entire movie is shot in one room! The plot is simple and banal — the murder of a public notary. The killer, of course, not found, and took over the investigation of an overzealous employee. Reveal more of the story will not, for it will not be fun to watch. If only the detective is really exciting, and the humor is fun, so there is no doubt in the Soviet cinema.

You ask, what is Christmas? Entourage and time of the crime — the New year’s eve. The atmosphere felt, although important, of course, a detective story.

3. Come see me, 2000

Once this play was huge in all theaters of our vast country, after which it was decided to film. It worked very well. Let the film was made at the turn of the Millennium, it still turned out sweet, soft, without looking back, and little hope at the box office.

The history of the category of «met two of loneliness in the new year.» We will not tell you what it is, not to break the expectations and drama. Believe me, if you want to watch a sad Christmas story about loneliness nepritorny with a happy ending, which will remind that in Russia was once the great playwrights. At the same time reminds me that New year’s is still a family holiday, whatever your crazy mother. Speaking of mom — she probably loves this movie. But he likes depending on age and family status, and cultural upbringing. Fans of explosions, do not understand ironic humor, would be boring.

4. Pure English murder 1974

The paradox, but «Purely English murder», filmed in the Soviet Union, it turned out brilliant, unlike the British version. However, what is there to be surprised — our immodest opinion, the Soviet filmmakers succeeded better than anyone in the world to film Victorian England and British detectives. What stand alone «Sherlock Holmes» and «10 little Indians».

The story is banal. Such a smug, arrogant, typical English detective story. In the castle’s old and sick Lord Warbeck’s visiting doctor Botlink. Christmas favorites come relatives and close friends. At midnight the holiday is interrupted by the unexpected death of the owner’s son — Robert. Of course, all of each other begin to suspect. A classic story in a closed room, but thanks to the talent of the Director and the actors, all two hours fly by literally in one breath. Again, as always, was able to flawlessly convey the atmosphere and surroundings. Once you understand that this smug, arrogant Christmas in English high society.

5. Telegram, 1972

Unscrupulous Soviet pioneer steals from the library book to give it to a friend. In the book they discover a forgotten in the years of the war telegram. And as a true pioneer, he is obliged to deliver the undelivered and finish the job. And in trying to do a good deed a couple of students immersed in the whirlpool of events in which is involved the war.

In General, this is a children’s film by Rolan Bykov in order to instill in children good and eternal. But even with him in the age that allows you to drive the car and buy vodka, imbued with history. At any age it is nice to see real everyday Christmas miracle that’s in this film. And yet, except for the lyrics, here was a place of irony. Look at him — maybe he will be kinder.

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