Cinema Saturday #102

Next week is one of the most busy year, so it would be good to do things in advance, for example, this weekend. But we know ourselves and you know — all things will do at the last moment. Let’s accept this fact, because it happens every year, every holiday week. So relax and join our lazy marathon that will include junk food (soda, pizza, chips, beer), a bunch of friends (they will call) and movies, which we’ll announce in this Assembly chose, as always, only the most interesting movie.

1. The Darjeeling limited. Desperate travelers (The Darjeeling Limited), 2007

Great movie to start the weekend — you can watch in the morning because he doesn’t leave «heavy sludge», when you start to think that life is not a fun thing. «The Darjeeling limited» is a film, directed by Wes Anderson, Director of such works as «moonrise Kingdom» and «Hotel «Grand Budapest»». He was always ambiguous movies double implication. While watching these movies always ease. «The Darjeeling limited» creates exactly the same feeling. And this feeling is given the fact that this movie involved great actors: Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman. It is difficult to imagine that their role was to be done by someone else.

The film can be watch alone, with family, with a girl (although the love line is not there), and you can brother. The latter is particularly important, because the film is about a brotherly relationship that was destroyed by the death of his father. Each character lives his life and not like another. If Owen Wilson plays a good-natured silly guy who is easy going (he planned this trip), Adrian Brody he is the opposite of the melancholic, psychopath who does strange things. In fact, they are all weird guys, which normal is not exactly call, but they do attempt to restore emotional balance and family ties through a long journey through India, much of which takes place in a train compartment.

2. A most wanted man (A Most Wanted Man), 2014

One of the last films starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Still it is a pity that this actor did not calculate the dose of the drug, but what to do — it can happen to anyone, if you start on this road is not easy. However, his addiction does not affect the quality of the game and the film «a Most wanted man» only proves it.

Movie filmed on the plot of the novel by John Le Carre. The story about the head of the secret division, who was assigned the task to find dangerous international criminal MIS Karpov. Bringing the intelligence of other countries, which is the beginning for large-scale spy game, which does not give the viewer any solid ground under their feet — at any point in history can turn 180 degrees. And it would be some spies, after all, the film involved a banal human emotions, from which the national security. I keep wondering what all these political «games» the powers that be can also arise from human feelings.

The film is dynamic, keeps the tension and it can not be called trivial. It’s not just «a spy Thriller» — it’s a spy movie with a good plot.

3. The Paperboy (The Paperboy), 2012

This film isn’t that impressive, but a couple of strong moments is absolutely worth the time. Lee Daniels, a fairly successful film Director, he managed to pick up star command to the film — Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack in the shit rarely removed, so the bait I throw.

The film, I must say, really breaks the idea of «traditional» roles for this stellar Quartet. Nicole Kidman appears as a psychotic nymphomaniac who really commits folly after folly. Matthew McConaughey is not a brutal man — he creates a double impression and pathetic. Zac Efron — the boy who messed with what shouldn’t. And John Cusack is disgusting of the highest order, so he played better than others. The Director has shown the story in such a way that to doubt its realism is not necessary. A lot of dirt, cruelty, naivety and mistakes. Really, every hero makes mistake after mistake, only evil does not make them — it is waiting in the wings to take its toll. The film leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, but «the Paperboy» is hardly a bad job.

4. The possession (The Possession), 2012

The horror genre refers to those genres of cinema, from which it is wrong to expect something more than just good stories. There are, of course, very aesthetic and philosophical horror, but we love to watch such movies not because of the aesthetics — we like, when we should be scared or interested.

In «the Casket curse» you will find a lot of dies, large amount of borrowing and quite a few original moves. However, this film is made really well — there is nothing superfluous. And the core idea is quite unique. In the center of the story of another young family with children (parents are divorced, though). One of my daughters buys vintage box at the fair, but the drawer is a secret that will not be good parents — it is something that can change the human mind. Distribution of hits is the youngest daughter, and gradually she begins to change for the worse. Look creepy, especially if you’re going to do it alone and at night.

5. From the machine (Ex Machina), 2015

Very soon mankind will make a step into the future. Let this step will be small, only a year long, but it brings us closer to space exploration, the creation of artificial intelligence and a variety of machines that can think for us — a perfect world as some believe. But fiction has always loved to add in the dreams of futurists a fly that defines a human life. The movie «the car», which won in 2016 Oscar for best visual effects.

The film tells the story of a young boy who was hired by billionaire, so he tested the woman. But the woman is not easy — she is a robot that can think almost like a person. The problem is that the robot, despite the fact that he’s a robot, begins to «play the woman». As a result you get a unique movie with a unique storyline, albeit on a hackneyed subject — a new interpretation of this theme makes the film very good.

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