Film Saturdays #10

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_Q4KhRYsEzfCBZWe work, you have to rest, dude! And we must be grateful, though… well, today, we traditionally have selected for you the top five movies that you could choose something you like and spend a great night in the company of, or a break from the boring during the week faces. So today your attention is waiting…

1. Three kings (Three Kings), 1999

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_iIXRnLLyDEHtnThis film may cause mild cognitive dissonance, so as a fairly serious military topics filed under a very original sauce. The film cleverly juggles genres such as black Comedy, satire, drama and melodrama with a pinch of adventure.

Heroes Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, ice cube and spike Jones deserting from military service, while their colleagues are celebrating victory – the expulsion of Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait. The escaped soldiers have the same goal – to find the gold stolen and hidden by the Hussein regime during the war. In the presence of a card to do this is not difficult, but discovery brings with it many problems, troubles and forces you to make incredibly difficult choices. What? So we are told! Look and you will not regret.

2. The most drunk district in the world (Lawless), 2012

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_cjnHMp8EK7BmgThe film is about the hard life and fate of three brothers-bootleggers who live in the America of the thirties. And while the country is in prohibition, the main characters will not have problems with earning money for a very comfortable existence. But the path to wealth and fame, even in questionable criminal circles, it will be very difficult, full life dramas and deep conversations. This film is filled with vivid emotions and strong charismatic characters (special thanks to the cast). In these two hours we will empathize with the brave law-breakers, who believe that corruption and corrupt power is a much greater crime than the illegal sale of alcohol.

3. Devil (Devil), 2010

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_fiePyjB8o7iKFMystical Thriller-mystery, where all the action takes place in a confined space, namely in the Elevator. Don’t think because of the lack of scenery and landscapes, the film will seem boring. On the contrary, you’ll get into the spirit, will sympathize with each character and to wrestle one of these unfortunates possessed by the devil, and what he’ll do next. Simple plot compensate for the excitement, the intrigue and tension that does not leave the viewer until the final credits.

4. Source code (Source Code), 2011

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_3UpMbekmi35LYIf you’re a fan of the «butterfly Effect», «Deja vu», «Start» and «Faces of the future», this film with Gyllenhaal in the lead roles won’t seem boring. In the end, the crippled soldier named Coulter, who is forced again and again to be in the body of another person from the past who died during the terrorist act. It is necessary to prevent a catastrophe and he is only eight minutes. The main goal – to find and neutralize the terrorist, but until then he will have repeatedly to relive his own death, then to start all over again. In General, all fans of science fiction and cool movie is recommended for viewing.

5. My boyfriend – psycho (Silver Linings Playbook), 2012 film was nominated for many prestigious film awards, including «Oscar». This story is about a teacher and an exemplary family man, who after an incident falls in a psychiatric clinic, and after recovery is determined to make up with your wife. And it is not clear what would have ended, if it don’t meet an amazing girl who can also be called, if not crazy, certainly not like everyone else.

Between the characters are formed very complicated relationship, however, as with the surrounding society. Separately want to highlight the issues of «children and parents» raised in the film, and of course the cast who gave us such emotional, wise and a little sad movie about life, where any deviation from the pattern is equivalent to a psychiatric disorder.

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