Movies, hiding the hidden meaning

manygoodtips.com_4.11.2014_9OdotniteuSGBOf course, to understand what shot a film, it is not necessary to have seven spans in a forehead: «the Hangover» is about guys zatusevski in Vegas at the bachelor party. «Interview with the vampire» interview with the vampire. «Harry Potter»… Well, you understand. However, there is another category of movies: you could watch them a thousand times and see a simple (or not) the plot is simple but exciting story, and not understanding that the truth hidden somewhere that you missed, as directed, for some reason, wanted to hide from you the hidden meaning of his film.

1. «Alien» as a metaphor for the Vietnam war

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_QK7ZrXavVLmKcThe godfather of sci-Fi movies, James Cameron took the iconic picture depicting the handful of American soldiers who were sent to the ass of the Universe, where they are dying one after another through the incompetence of the chiefs, handing out nonsensical instructions. Well, and because of bloodthirsty aliens. If you still do not understand, we are now talking about «Them.»

And what hidden meaning might lurk in this film? According to the materials of the collection «Alien: Quadrilogy» that happens in the movie is a great flashback of the Vietnam war, and since the painting was removed after 11 years after graduation, the idea is that the audience would understand this obvious hint. First, look closely at the landing ship – it was designed on models of us military aircraft at the time. The same applies to their weapons, uniforms, drawings on the aircraft.


Pora was.kom.ua_4.11.2014_T3Av56JH6m1PS


These similarities can be traced throughout the film. As in Vietnam, the technologically advanced soldiers unexpectedly found themselves surrounded by the enemy, who attacked them in the dark. Cameron does not say that the Vietnamese were horrible monsters, but in General this refers to the attitude towards them of the soldiers themselves, which begins with the statement that «we’re the coolest motherfuckers», and ends: «mother of God, we’re all gonna die!»

Another key point of the film – the image of power. We show the corrupt thugs of the company «Weyland-Yutani», which, like many major military during the Vietnam war, put soldiers in danger just for the sake of production. The senior officer, Lieutenant Gorman, considers himself the representative of the elite, but dumps at the first sign of danger, and rescue all have Ripley. This also reflects the opinion of most people about American soldiers who participated in the Vietnam war: a bunch of young Americans killed, while the highest echelon of military power didn’t even have to get your hands dirty.

2. «X-men» as a symbol of the struggle for gay rights

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_fCGXEgLGupPsnIf we ask what the main idea bears each of the parts of the movie, filmed about the mutants is probably the obvious answer that the iron talons popping out of his hands, will provide you exciting and fun life. Although the first comic carried the idea of the struggle for civil rights and the movement against racism 60 years. It would be logical to assume that the film was shot about the same thing. But there it was…

Actually «X-Men» is one big metaphor of the struggle for gay rights. Don’t think we have a temporary distraction after a long holidays. First, this was said by the Director and the two writers of the film «X-Men 2», and Ian McKellen, who played the role of Magneto. And yet all of these people know a lot about the strong men’s Asses. Take a couple of conversations that you might not have noticed. For example, in the scene in «X-Men 2,» in which People-Led, admits to his parents that he’s a mutant, they answered him: «And you tried not to be a mutant?». Or another scene from «X-Men: First class» where the Monster, finding himself in a similar situation, said: «You didn’t ask – I didn’t say». Or the scene with young Magneto and Professor X in the same film, covered with a slight touch of blue.


But all this obvious evidence that decorate this superhero, or rather, superkasko cake. Consider the similarities between mutation and homosexuality: both appears in adolescence (in the first film, rogue realized that it was a mutant when I first kissed the guy). In addition, mutation and homosexuality have become major social issues that lead to the fact that politicians start talking about «saving our children».

William Stryker, the hero of the second film, also represents homophobia: by sending his son, a mutant in the Xavier school for gifted children, hopes that there he will be cured, but Xavier says that «mutation is not a disease», citing as proof the same arguments given in the debate regarding homosexuality. But the striker is enraged when he finds out that his son was in a mansion, where they live cute guys and girls in tight latex suits and leather. Here business was entered by the writer of the film, who confirmed that Yes, «X-Men» is a film about the struggle for gay rights. Refuse to believe it? Then remembered fragment from the first film where Magneto kidnaps Senator and turning him into a mutant using his power unit.

Magneto makes such a person:


And then we see a large amount of white watery mass, which spurts out of the top of the machine:


3. «The beginning» as a metaphor of movie making long as you thought about the hidden meaning of this film tells us about the dream, about reality, everything was much simpler: this painting is a metaphor for how removed… the film. Dig deeper. Each member of the team «hackers dreams» has a well-defined role, by analogy with the duties of a particular team: Eames (Tom hardy) – actor, as it literally can change your appearance, sitting before a vanity mirror; Ariadne (Ellen page) is a writer, as she manages the creation of the dreams; Saito (Ken Watanabe) – the General Director of the whole place, so how he pays for the entire project; Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the Director, the only who sees a picture in the future and is able to bring it all together. Hey, he even looks like Christopher Nolan!


The hero, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arthur is the one who knows how everything should work, but Yusuf is responsible for the special effects, so throughout the film we almost forget about its existence. And the problem is Cobb and his team is very similar to the task of the filmmaker: to change the worldview of a particular person (in this case, Killian Murphy), and a similar purpose is of each artist.

4. «To old men here not a place» – a metaphor for the inevitable old age and pensions

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_kjZwChP8Bczzb«To old men here not a place» – a film about drugs, guns and shitty haircuts. Perhaps a more appropriate title for this picture – «Anton chigur chops all in kapustu». Of course, this masterpiece by the Coen brothers is too cruel to view your grandmother, but it’s really about pensions. Let’s start with the fact that almost every hero or are already retired, or approaching old age. We have Levlin moss (Josh Brolin), who retired welder and a veteran of the Vietnam war. There’s his wife Carla Jean (Kelly MacDonald), who works in the supermarket until then, unless her husband comes home with a bag full of loot, and declares that now he’s retired. There Carson wells (woody Harrelson) is a «retired Colonel», who is hired to find the above bag with money. And, of course, crazy cigar Anton (Javier Bardem) is not retired, but dismisses, on a holiday and all, who is in his way. It’s impossible to stop, because he knows no rest, no rest, getting rid of old. Finally, there’s Sheriff ed Tom bell (Tommy Lee Jones) is the only law enforcement officer in the history of cinema, who announces that he is going to retire, and stays alive. But he still manages to catch and neutralize chiguru that flies and modern gait hiding from enemies, and from justice.

The very title of the film is taken from the first line of a poem by William Butler Yeats «Sailing to Byzantium», where man is compared to «a dying animal» and «ragged coat on a stick». This is a kind of song dedicated to old age, death and the frailty of all things on this earth. Uncle Ellis, who attends bell – one of two potential future Sheriff: a life in solitude, in the company of cats and coffee. He decides to retire and asks his wife to join him in this last journey, to which she replies: «I’m not Fucking going to retire.»

5. «The big Lebowski» as a metaphor for castration

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_S7bLOH1Eoujk7Since we’re talking about the masterpieces of the Coen brothers, we can not ignore another cult movie, phrases from which some of the guys from our editorial quoting from memory. Although, according to the analysis of popular at the time, American movie critic Rob Eiger, this film about men with problems about liters of White Russian and bowling shows us how shallow modern people, and in which decay is the courage of men.

In short, this film is about castration. Like. Remember those huge scissors in a nightmare Dude?


And those that hang in the Studio of the Mod?


The leitmotif of the red thread that pervades the entire film, because in a sense each character is a male forgotten what it means to have balls of steel. Walter (John Goodman), for example, in spite of her perky and military nature, is still under the thumb ex-wife. The big Lebowski, trying to be cool influential nihilists, married to a woman, which is not able to control, and generally lives on a sponsorship from his daughter Maud. Plus his «wealth» is the ex-wife. In the original story, after Walter throws the old man on the floor, the last thing he says is, «You scumbags! You and these women! You will not leave a man his fucking balls!»

In principle, almost all the men shown in the film, constantly arguing and arguing with each other, threaten each other with weapons… and literal castration. Again. On the other hand, we see women are so powerful, they control all history and life of each of these men. «Abduction» bath sets the whole course of the plot, and Maude is the one who helps the Dude in his situation. Whether they like it or not, women in «the Big Lebowski» are the real goddesses…


…and men are pathetic losers, who are referred to men only when they have eggs.


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