Movies, has caused resentment among the religious population

manygoodtips.com_19.11.2014_7kn0kLg6IgQMAThe world’s religious community consists of people who are not alien to human whim: they also read secular books and are familiar with the film. And if they don’t like something, shut up they just are not. Here are a few films that caused a scandal in the religious public and some of them a hobby, but from the scientific community.

1. The Devils (The Devils), 1971


The film in a slightly exaggerated version tells the real life story of a young priest, Urbana Grandier, who lived in France in the XVII century, in Ludone. He was burned at the stake after heavy hunchback nun and cardinal Richelieu had fabricated a false accusation of witchcraft. Many sex scenes and scenes of violence before the premiere show in America and the UK were cut, and these frames are still considered to be lost. The image of the Catholic Church, which in all possible ways tried to win the struggle for power, the ugliness of the appearance, fully reflects the ugliness of the soul, demonstrate to us that the devil does not live in a mythical underworld, but in each of us.

2. The last temptation of Christ (The Last Temptation of Christ), 1988


«The last temptation of Christ» – the film adaptation of the novel of Nikos Kazantzakis. So to speak, Martin Scorsese made a gripping Thriller of faith, where he showed the unfathomable duality of Christ: on the one hand, he was aware of the importance of their divine destiny, and on the other his soul was tormented by ordinary human nature. He was characterized by doubt, worry, even hatred, toward himself, so he himself asked Judas to turn him in. Plus Jesus managed to get a few wives and children. The reaction of the faithful fundamentalists were highly predictable: from the demands to ban the movie in the rental (by the way, many cinemas vetoed by the picture), ending with flaming bombs Paris théâtre St. Michael, when many people suffered serious injuries and burns. Well, that’s so Christian of you.

3. The wicker man (The Wicker Man), 1973


Creepy and atmospheric film that tells the story of police inspector Howie, who went to the shores of Scotland on a secluded tiny island Summerland to investigate the disappearance of a child. Not only that, he met more than cool, he soon found what he was looking for and even more: all the inhabitants of the island are supporters of the ancient Celtic cult, which no doubt allowed human life to flow in the name of a fertile harvest. This 1973 film, forget the remake with Nicolas cage, called «the Citizen Kane of horror films», it has been adapted for the stage and discussed at the three-day conference in the Scottish University. And the filming is annually held music festival «the Wicker man». At the end of the holiday burned a giant doll in a Wicker man to sacrifice to the God of fun.

4. The da Vinci code » (The Da Vinci Code), 2006

An adaptation of the eponymous book by Dan brown can take full advantage of those who have developed a cool relationship with religion, the rest is at the mere mention of any of the works in this series starts to twitch his eyes and mouth to fly a white foam. You probably remember, what was the scandal when «the da Vinci Code» was released: the Vatican staged a boycott of the conference of Catholic bishops United States, the film was recognized as morally offensive; in China, for unexplained reasons, had withdrawn it from public viewing, but in Pakistan, Lebanon and in Sri Lanka in General was never shown. And if you have not watched this movie, then look at least in order to understand what started all the fuss.

5. The invention of lying (The Invention of Lying), 2009


Under Comedy sauce we were served a very original idea of a society dominated by the philosophy of exclusive truth, and people never lie. But everything changes when the main character zero-invents the concept of lying to get money and beautiful women. The key scene of the film is when he tells his dying mother about what it supposedly is after death a happy world, where reign calm and serenity. Thus, it is fast becoming the founder of the first of its kind religion, while being «atheist». Critics have called this picture too radical, dark and cruel, but, on the other hand, if you do not grasp the deeper meaning, you can get pleasure from a good Comedy with good humor.

6. Matrix (The Matrix), 1999


«There is no spoon» – short description of the film, just three words. We are all poor artificial existence of virtual life simulation, whereas in fact our bodies from birth connected to a giant machine for the production people. «The matrix» and to this day is considered one of the biggest sci-Fi blockbusters, but its essence, the main idea studied philosophy in scientific writings and lectures in philosophy at Harvard.

7. The passion of the Christ (The Passion of the Christ), 2004


The film, based on the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, tells the audience how he spent the last days of his life the son of God. Accusations of excessive violence and anti-Semitism did not prevent the film to collect at the box office $600 million.

8. Life of Brian Monty Python (Monty Python’s Life of Brian), 1979


Crazy British «Monty Python» has decided to present his vision of the biblical story. It turns out that many centuries ago the wise men almost mixed newborn babies, and anyone of Brian, born the same day as Jesus, but still in the neighborhood, now constantly confused with the Messiah. The film is thoroughly imbued with caustic satire and ridicule of the hard religious fanatics and the stupid officials, but nevertheless has a characteristic «Pytalovsky» humor and has earned the title a modern Comedy classics. For obvious reasons the film was banned in some cinemas and on TV channels across the UK and in new York against him staged pickets. What can I say, even now, religious leaders and politicians «get» this film at every opportunity. In short, viewing a must!

9. Prometey (Prometheus), 2012

For the sake

Ambiguous Ridley Scott, who has gained a huge army of fans and haters. A group of space researchers crisscrossing the galaxy to find proof that humanity is an experimental product of aliens, who actually want to destroy us unknown deadly black liquid.

10. Gain / Profit (The Profit), 2001


The main character of this film, Konrad powers, takes advice from the current leader of the satanic sect on how you can create your own cult and make money. In the end, Conrad stands at the helm of the Church of scientific spiritualism, after which it cover the paranoia, persecution mania, and he slowly goes crazy, losing touch with reality. The picture was never released, because the Scientologists won a court case and made the ban.

11. Battlefield Earth (Battlefield Earth), 2000


Painting depicting the world of the distant future ruled by aliens with dreadlocks and in a ridiculous costume, was lowered below the plinth all known critics and recognized as one of the worst Hollywood films of all times and peoples. There were rumors that her shooting sponsored by the Church of Scientology, through hints and entertainment sci-Fi action to introduce children to Dianetics and to recruit new adherents.

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