Movies, banned of a strange reason

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2014_zFQBJRtEpe0pMThe world has enough movies that are banned in different countries. The reasons may be various, but logical: excessive violence, political propaganda or religious component, when the Director deliberately, but more often not, hurt the tender feelings of believers. But today we will talk about the movies that are vetoed with a very non-standard reasons.

1. Ruined Palace (1999)

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2014_Mbo3qukKQCMxQDrama by Jonathan Kaplan, about which you probably never heard of, and which few have seen. The film tells the story of two women who were arrested and placed in a Thai prison for drug smuggling, and through the film the red line is the criticism of the government regime in the country. The producers decided to shoot the whole thing in the Philippines, apparently deciding that no one would notice the difference. For obvious reasons, the film was banned in Thailand, and in private – in the Philippines. The harsh fist of the exile attacked «Ruined Palace», when actress Claire Danes, decided that there is nothing better than to sling mud and without that not too clean Republic.

In a series of interviews for Vogue and Premiere magazine Claire lamented that Manila is the capital of the Philippines «creepy and weird city.» This feature is the best thing that came from the lips of the blonde: «Here everything smelled of cockroaches. There is no sewage system and people have no anything. Often, even the arms, legs, teeth or eyes. When we shot the footage in the current psychiatric hospital, then had to start again due to the wild screams of the patients. And everywhere there were rats.» In General, it presented the city as a giant toilet full of crazy people. The President could not ignore this comment, he forbade the film, and the actress: vetoed all movies with Claire Danes and closed her entry into the Republic. The actress hurried to apologize and said that its opinion applies only to those places where the shooting took place, and the people there are just wonderful – kind and helpful.

Joseph Estrada responded promptly, noting that he apologized to the press service, not the actress. And worthless sincerity of these words. Danes no longer engage in «dialogue», but the fans of the Philippines still had the pleasure to enjoy the game guilty actress in such films as «Terminator 3: rise of the machines» and «Stardust». After the Filipinos switched to Justin Bieber, because he mocked their boxer Manny Pacquiao in Instagram. Then there was a big scandal with a call to boycott all albums Bieber. But that’s not all! In the book of Dan brown «Inferno» heroine describes Manila as «gates of hell», where there is crime, child prostitution, poverty, and disgusting environment. The mayor stated that this is complete nonsense, and Manila is a Paradise, just need to see all the positive aspects, and not to focus only on the negative.

2. 2012 (2009)

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2014_k9CuIxcb5gmbVFilm Apocalypse Emmerich was banned not because of the insults the dignity of the country and not for the destruction in the film of any of the strategically important Korean objects. The reason was that the government had its own plans for 2012: celebrating the centennial of North Korea founder Kim Il sung. And the end of the world, even fictional, during such an important event – it is a direct threat to national dignity. The film is not only banned in theaters, but even for keeping a copy could appoint a decent fine or put in jail, considering it as «a serious provocation against the development of the state.»

3. «E. T.» (1982)

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2014_NqEp0JJTs9LDdA classic of the genre-80s from Steven Spielberg. This is a touching story that a little child could remain indifferent. Some were moved by the friendship between a boy and an alien, some were horrified by the wrinkled hybrid alien with a piece of shit. But small inhabitants of Sweden, Finland and Norway, who have not reached eight years, have not had the opportunity to give your value judgment, as the film was banned due to the fact that «adults in it were portrayed as enemies of children», which can be even more confusion in the age-old question of parents and children. The latter, in turn, was extremely angered by this decision and even staged a protest, which in what have not resulted. As always, came to the aid of the good old deception: the kids just lied about his age and quietly took seats in the auditorium.

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