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manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_QdJ8a3H9G40CbThat you spend your whole life trying to escape from the consequences of their actions. Whether it’s betrayal, cunning, or daring parachute jump.

And speaking of the latter, the result can be unfortunate. Death, the separation of limbs, complete and utter oblivion. Injuries from extreme sports can be terrible. But that’s no reason to run from all this? In General, people in lab coats to save you, if, for example, you will not be heads? We collected 4 of the most promising ways in science, which, quite probably, will be able to help humanity to replace each other organs of the body and carry the mind.

1. Transplantation of the head

Transplantation of the head is not only in fantastic films such as «Gotham,» «Mars attacks,» etc. Is a surgical operation, over which the hard working scientists and doctors. The main problem is the lack of developed technology for joining the severed spinal cord. The procedure itself involves decapitating the patient.

Various scholars, including inner Dr. Frankenstein, trying to successfully carry out the operation. May 21, 1908, American physiologist Charles Claude Guthrie managed to transplant the head of one dog onto the body of another. But the physiologist recorded nothing more than the contraction of the pupils, twitching of the nostrils, and primitive movement of the tongue. Experiments Demikhova in the 1950-ies advanced the matter much further. Thanks to his experiments on dogs now we have such a developed transplantation. Although «the lucky dog» managed to live for only 29 days.

Now this topic is quite advanced and has already been announced the first transplant of a human head. It will be conducted by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero, and the patient will be our compatriot – Vladimir Spiridonov, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. If the stars line up, the operation will be conducted in 2017. It will be either a catastrophic failure or a huge breakthrough in transplantation forward.

2. Download mind

Fans of computer science and computer programming don’t want to leave us alone. The computer world has generated its own geniuses, and many of them are now put on the first wild goal of downloading the human mind. The principle is quite simple. If our skull contains exactly one brain, the computer that runs on the system of ones and zeros, able to replicate the human mind, download it. Many scientists who work in the industry.

While progress is not as impressive. Is a simulation of the brain at the level of individual neurons, was able to reconstruct neural structures worms. Recently part of the rat brain failed to upload to the computer. But we should not expect that everything will happen at once. We are all far from simulating brain even the man who listens to Russian chanson.

3. Reincarnation

Full anti-scientific nonsense? So.

Actually, let’s see. There is a concept of biocentrism. This idea, in particular, suggests that man can never achieve a complete understanding of the Universe, if you will study only physics and cosmology. There are some things that physics cannot explain, such as consciousness. Biocentrism suggests that a deeper study of the biology, to understand the reasons for our existence, such things as space and time. Many of the answers lie in ourselves and not in external objects.

In addition, if the universe is just an atom in another bigger Universe? The fairy-tale nonsense that is a lot of rather smart people. Many physicists and philosophers trying to confirm this thought, but it turns out unconvincing.

4. Drugs

If we already went on a psychedelic, it is necessary to continue. The films of the 1980s years has taught us not only techniques of kung fu. Some of them actively promoted the idea of the expansion of consciousness through drugs. So many people in the 60-70 explored the hidden side of my soul, some of them did it under the supervision of real scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists.

We are confident that if you take two people to connect to their heads decorative dummy wire and give them one pill of ketamine, then it is likely they may seem that they were in two bodies at the same time. Such an experience available to very few people, but such things were very common in the ocean one time.

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