Moustached history

History of the mustache knows a lot of interesting facts.



The first image of a man with a mustache dates back to around 300 B. G. to the E. On the territory of Siberia close to the borders with China and Mongolia pattern was found mustachioed rider.



During Nicholas I’s whiskers could be worn only by the military, the civil officials were forbidden to own this manly accessory.

However, officers did not immediately receive this honor. Until the Royal decree of 8 June 1832 to wear a mustache was allowed to the soldiers of all arms, and officers only of the light brigade.



The expression «naparennyj mustache» owed its origin to the fashion of black facial hair. To obtain the desired color used a special German paint for a mustache — Fabre. However, in the pursuit of style fashionistas used other methods of staining, ranging from Shoe Polish, ending with a leaden comb for dyeing the hair while combing them mustache particles of lead reacts with sulfur, which is included in the chemical composition of the hair, and gave black.



Tools styling mustache was also very diverse. To maintain the desired shape helped fixator and grease — cosmetic products based on mineral fats and wax. Grease, among other things, gave his moustache Shine. Those fashionistas who could not afford expensive cosmetics, concluded the facial with oil and soap.



The most amazing device created by the wave mustachioed fashion is a porcelain tea Cup with a shelf for a moustache», so that no hot tea, no evaporation from it didn’t hurt perfect shape of a mustache.



In the early 20th century to walk a man without a mustache and beard was indecent. Concessions made only for the actors, who by occupation was supposed to have clean-shaven face.



According to the testimony of Alexander Moritz Frey, a former comrade-in-arms of Hitler in the First world, the future Fuhrer had a mustache like the mustache of Emperor Wilhelm II. However, he had to reduce them to a typical «toothbrush», obeying the commander’s orders. The fact is that mustache bothered to properly wear a gas mask.

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