Motorcycle helmet Skully AR 1

In its first day of sale «smart» motorcycle helmet Skully AR-1 has collected 800,000$.

High-tech Skully AR-1, developed by Skully on the operating system Android 4.4, equipped with a small semi-transparent display that transmits information in a safe way without distracting the driver even in the moments of very heavy traffic.

The display broadcasts a map of the area and the path of interest, receive phone calls and your favorite music. The monitor is able to project the image from the camera, which is located in the rear of the helmet, and you can see everything that happens behind.


The helmet connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and works via the built-in battery 9 hours. Charging is via USB.

Skully AR 1 is able to withstand a wide range of extreme weather, making it ideal for hot and for cold weather. The visor is made of special material anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and also allows you to see in foggy weather and to save the rider from the bright headlights of oncoming vehicles, switch on and off dimming of the glass.


Helmet meets all the highest safety requirements.

The approximate cost of novelties — 1500 $. Our market helmets of all sizes will be available in early 2015.

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