Motivation for those who screwed up

We made many, many rash things that you later regret all my life. But whether it is necessary to regret them? It is possible that all the unpleasant moments of your life is nothing more than a trifle. Why not? Let’s examine the bones of all your shameful moments and make sure that you have nothing to worry about. Men are wretched creatures, but nothing to be ashamed of yourself. We are all made from the same cloth, and when there is a bummer — this means that you need to move on.

Tonight was terrible


Fortunately, you’re not the lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and your poor performance will not be the beginning of a career collapse. But everyone somehow speaks to the audience. Not necessarily on stage. When you read your report before a work team is a statement. When you read the wishes for the newlyweds is also a statement. But you can embarrass myself. To touch too much mix up the words — people will think you’re a jerk or an idiot. Usually is born and a phobia of public speaking. But you never will if you realize how worthless your value has a small error in the context of a lifetime.

Be prepared next time better be a hundred and not fooling with the excitement your brain must be free from past failures.

Became an object of ridicule

You could go through this item in school, and if he was a bully, no doubt, could get a similar experience later — at work, for example. Become an object of ridicule easily — you must be different from the rest of the team. If you know that he became a hermit, then be happy — you’re different. You are a normal person, you have a lot of good qualities, too, but you became a black sheep. If you want to change it, then first, read our text about this phenomenon.

In any case, you have to understand that this problem can and should be solved. It all depends on how you put yourself or how to develop your image in the future. You will not be considered, if you let it go.


Worse, when you’re big and strong and beat you puny dwarf, but still the money away, plus the phone is pressed. Sounds unlikely, but we are sure that many readers this story happened. Do not be ashamed of it — if you’re in my life never lost a fight, you never fought never really. Time to face it is useful — it eliminates the illusion, which we stuffed in childhood, though all of us are special, large and smart. It turned out that not they all bleed red, and feel everything.

If you ever beat, the worst thing that can happen to you — fear of the next contraction. Sooner or later, but your kung fu» will be useful in intractable conflict and then everything will depend on the power of the spirit, which you must have in full. So don’t dwell on the defeat in the fight — there is still a lot of fights where you are, we believe, will definitely win.



This is a big blow, if your country is in a crisis.

Many begin to blame themselves for the fact that they were fired. Others blame the authorities. But both categories of people do not understand one simple thing: the reason is not important. It is important to find a new job and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Need to pull myself together, to forget about the failure and what you’ve done. Turn the page of life — ahead of a lot of good. On the grounds of loss of employment may develop depression, which many do not believe, but she, a creature such actually exists. And in moments of depression will be very difficult to make a good impression at job interviews.

A friend betrayed

It would seem the worst that you can only imagine, but no. If your girlfriend cheated on you, you made things easier for myself — not going to live with that which cannot be trusted. It is possible that you are to blame, and it usually is a great occasion for serious reflection that can lead to suicide. But, dear reader, look how many people on the planet lives. Nearly 8 billion people. Of these 8 billion you betrayed 1. There is a reason to worry?

We think you need to relax, to break up with a girl, which does not inspire confidence and dive into a boundless ocean, that gives you a million chances to be happy and to find with 52% of the population (just as on the planet of women) the girl. All in your hands — nothing to worry about.

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