Motivation for those who can not find time to workout

Many times have we heard this excuse from people who constantly shy away from training. They say they have no time to exercise. They feel worthless and your body is great start, but something to do with that they do not intend to. Why? Why are they lazy, because life itself tells them: «Take care of yourself, you idiot! You look at yourself!». But no, they continue to shy away from training, eat donuts and move only in those moments when you have to take the glass off the table. How to deal with it, if you see yourself in these lines? You must understand what you lose when you begin to find excuses for his laziness.

Protection of the family


Once we were in the Park where I saw the guy with the child — man was pushing the swing to deliver a little joy to his son. When the child got off the swing and went somewhere on the site, we noticed that the man was covered in sweat and was literally gasping for breath from such a monstrous load.» That is, it is really tired, he pushed the baby swing. With his face dripping sweat, he tried to catch his breath, and then sat for a long time on the bench to bring itself to life. He was forty years old — not more, but the man looked horrible, and it was evident by his body fat, which he acquired through years of practice, «I have no time to train».

A grown man who really can not take his son on a swing. That’s the saddest thing we saw. Worse, such episodes, if you live next to the Park, you can see almost every day.But how can you consider yourself a man if you can’t do even this? And now imagine that you have to protect your girlfriend or children. Many naively believe that it makes no sense to strengthen your physical health if «the offender will still come with weapons.» Indeed, against the bullets, the fist won’t help, but the conclusion is still wrong. Most of the robberies, rapes and beatings occur without the involvement of firearms.

If you go with a knife, then there are techniques that can stop the enemy, but make them work, you have to be in shape and in full fitness. It is impossible to protect from all the dangers on the street, if you just swing three times a week, but even a short workout can increase your chances of survival. Besides good physical shape plays a big role in confidence and is not 50% success in the fight to have this same confidence? If you are afraid, you will not win the fight.

In General, you may say that the world is a safer place today, not 90, and you can safely walk the streets without fear that in the liver stuck a knife, but if you even with one eye you will look at the criminal news, you’ll see the world the same. He is cruel, dangerous and tries to take your life and the lives of your loved ones. Be ready to repel reality and practice, otherwise you lose.

The time is


If you say no, then you’re dodging the point. No matter how much you work and how many responsibilities you fray every day, but the time for training is always there. The problem is that most people believe that an effective workout should last an hour or two. This is complete nonsense. If the day is very stressful, then we won’t train more than thirty minutes. If you can honestly tell us that you don’t have thirty minutes to practice, then you need to seriously look at their life and their priorities.

For example, what do you do after work? Of course, that dinner, but then? Go straight to bed? Rather, turn on the TV or computer and stick to his own opinion, to see what you managed to miss such an «important» day. In the morning you sleep more than you should, not because you terribly lack energy, but because you don’t realize how fleeting time is and how valuable it is. A couple hours spent in sleep, is fourteen hours a week. He count how many days it will be a year. Is it hard to get up fifty minutes early, and lightly stretch your muscles? After all it is necessary to you, not your boss, government, or God. It only need you and no one else.

Effective training can consist of two or three exercises, and last only twenty minutes. Just need to do it every day, that was the result from a small number of exercises. Your body and your spirit will feel ten times better.But if you insist that you don’t have 4-6 hours a week, then you’re useless about something to speak. Advanced stage of laziness, which will respond in the future.

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