Motivation at work: tips from a specialist

Work very often goes wrong, how we want. The reasons are different, but noticeable impact on the performance of their business we provide ourselves. Your mood is fuel, which affects your efficiency. When in the mood, you can, of course, to perform mechanical motion and simulate high performance, but it will not move anywhere. How to motivate yourself at work how to get off the couch and start to do something and how to survive in a big company?

But if you’re a businessman, you want this text to be interesting even more. talked with a specialist in the area of recruitment and personnel management, to learn how things work in the «correct» corporations. Here, look. There are some simple student who got a job as assistant Manager. He has no money, the school behind the nurse already does not give pocket money. Salary is low and is not going to increase, but the other work can not find. How can he effectively work, set yourself to work? And a second question: what a company can do to encourage the former student to start to love your job?

HR Manager: So, first, happy. It is especially true of managers «shitty» type of occupations economists, lawyers and others whom the oversupply in the labour market (Oh, by the way, I did not say, Oh well, that’s a digression). The advice is: start working during training as possible, because even a year of work, a degree gives you a huge advantage over other applicants, even those who have a diploma. In General, the practice is all about.

Now the case: how to self adjust? It will be really hard, especially taking into account those factors that you described. In General, each student of such specialties was aware that he owned. The idea is that it should be ready to work for a very mediocre salary. The only motivation here is experience. The more experience, the greater the opportunity to obtain a higher position with all the ensuing consequences. About the role: this is a very serious and complex problem. The majority of potential suitable employees die during this period. A very large share of the responsibility of leadership. If it is a big, serious company, she certainly there are bridging programs that help to acclimate in the organization of the motivational system in the form of small bonuses. And it does not necessarily even cash incentives. Funny as it might sound, but the pictures on the wall with a sign «best salesman of the month» also works and not only works on sellers McDuck, but also for well-established managers. It’s human nature. Of course, with age, other things become more important like personal Parking spaces. But that’s not to say that non-material incentives works less tangible. The company cannot force a person to love their job, but it can be encouraged by any effort to competently and properly perform their duties. However, in this case, the Manager is unlikely to hold a high position, not out of «mediocre». maybe you can make it from the position of the small businessman who has a state, like 7 people? He had just established his business and no one really knows. It is clear that it is not so much Finance, in order to encourage employees financially. Is there any other exits? That can make the small entrepreneur to their employees, plays the role of the atmosphere, the color of the Wallpaper or the stock cooler?

HR Manager: Okay, playing. Get at least the visual environment of Google’s headquarters. In principle, the goal of any organization is to make the office less like the stereotypical, however, of course, this is idealized example. But back to our reality. Cooler, comfortable chairs, pleasant, non-irritating color of the walls are crucial factors. You can still take care of the home lunch. There are firms that do this: bring food for the price is slightly higher than in the dining room, then there are no costs workers who buy lunch, and the company gives the opportunity. Still better than to eat burgers, especially if there is no normal cafe. Yes, and cheaper. A good example of how to make staff happy at minimal cost. In General, the more «comfortable» to create an atmosphere in the office, the more people will like their work, and it is quite possible they will remain, despite more lucrative offers. By the way, a little more about the offices: the more creative a profession, the more informal should be the office – such an axiom. But it is important not to overdo it, after all. it Will be good to work a person who is absolutely comfortable conditions: the room temperature perfect, nice dinner, mini-bar and all sorts of informal fun? Or it is better to keep the employee in some tension?

HR Manager: Very cozy atmosphere, can relax and reduce the motivation, and then all efforts will have the opposite effect, so you shouldn’t do «people, including young children» from the office lay everywhere furry rugs, and go barefoot, and to wear a hat with shorts. This is especially true for young entrepreneurs who have little experience and too strong a belief in the positive qualities of people. Can lose control.

It is important to seek a balance. People should not go to prison in the morning, but the vacation may do that at home, in the allotted time.

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