Most decent feil Nintendo, 25.06.2013, f4V2hFq01Yy8iYZ52Ym41JTwSEV75Gyl

Nintendo is a really big company, few people know, but she is already almost a century. Once upon a time this Corporation was manufacturing playing cards and other gaming supplies, but after years of talking about it all, because this company showed us what real entertainment. But, like Apple, Nintendo had enough fellow, whoever they were, if I had not learned from their mistakes?

10. Nintendo 3DS

I have a lot of friends who passionately love the «ancestor» Nintendo 3DS Nintendo DS. The fact that the first console came out surprisingly beautiful thanks to the excellent build of the original games. Of course, its main competitor, the Sony PSP it has been unable to destroy, but still…

With console Nintendo 3DS all turned out just awful. First, all «pleased» with the price: it was outrageously overpriced, but then fell rapidly, nearly doubled in six months. 3D causes a person to experience severe nausea, the screen is disgusting, and all this is diluted with a weak battery. I hope that Nintendo will improve., 25.06.2013, aj7py5SBdTV6bc2igsbRheTcQsVgrmFj

9. Nintendo Wii

Or rather, how it all began with this prefix. The lack of demo versions of games, not very pretty standard first game (but now too), no hard drive and voice chat affected the interest in the new console, but the situation was corrected by positioning the Wii as something new, not just consoles., 25.06.2013, dfmsGL5mI6QbogYdXM1nCRUa47yOgH2r

8. Distancing from DVD and online games

Nintendo quite often in its history has set the wrong priorities. Here again the company incorrectly predicted the future in 2001, when he abandoned support for online games on consoles and DVD playback. Decently lost., 25.06.2013, 6v78q9HmKXGiIzCiBUtVGdAmf07Mnp2d

7. Nintendo GameCube

Most gamers did not like the first design of the console: it was like an uncomfortable lunch box. Despite a lot of very good games, the console has not received proper recognition and were forgotten., 25.06.2013, qtcAy65BtQ7VYEhBbtzyGYF0ZtoQD7E2

6. Censorship

So, man, Nintendo had advocated the introduction of censorship in Mortal Kombat and several other violent games. Maybe this is what influenced the undeniable popularity of the Sega Genesis?, 25.06.2013, Yr8U1Anc1iikWf55ZxesiMuZhRvlZffq

5.N64 and its cartridges

At a time when everyone has abandoned cartridges, Nintendo again proved to be a brake with N64, refusing to go to disk. While the Wii is not bad and not even forgotten., 25.06.2013, Jz966ktb7iKD9Dr26UWoviuC3w1ZeTjh

4. Virtual Boy

As a joke gamers, the fall of the Virtual Boy could be seen even from space. Attempt to make a three-dimensional virtual reality without the necessary technology was doomed to failure. And this stupid red color. Details about the disadvantages of Virtual Boy can be read here., 25.06.2013, NuaBbUyDxGUj4IIDLP5NUfoGnPoh3Lwj

3. The Power Glove

Even more famous the cant Nintendo. The company again tried to run forward, although with the level of technology to do such is not recommended. The Power Glove is an attempt to control what’s happening on screen motion, bend your fingers or a brush. But realized it was so bad that it was easier to break your hand than to pass the first level of any game. Installation of all necessary types of sensors for this accessory was another pain in the ass. As the need to re-enter before any game of the numbers and letters on the glove to the game understand that it is, in fact, connected.

2. Wii U selling

Why the interest in the console is almost gone? So that’s why. When the console was just released, it is the result of some errors were reported to the markets. The box came almost one in every store, and trade was made on the record in a waiting list. The people who were queued up on the new consoles, got them through the months. Still have to get a new console is extremely difficult, but possible., 25.06.2013, iOQHhq5zI1UBPYu2VYsHqwRaFJ1FHTQ5

1. The Creation Of The Sony PlayStation, 25.06.2013, 4uP1WVaxZiXh9FMN3AFKrSwGTJwkh2xo

Nintendo is still kicking herself from this Grand fail. Surprisingly, in 1986 CDs were already known, and behind them was a big and beautiful future. The company Nintendo worked with Sony over the platform for the console SNES, which could enable the console to support CD-ROMs. Then this thing was called Play Station. But the company had a falling out, and Nintendo decided to partner with Philips. In retaliation for this cruel Scam in 1994, Sony has created the Sony Playstation, which became a slightly better console in the world and lifted Sony to the level of serious competitors Nintendo and Sega, which still produces high-quality consoles almost without fail and defects. And console Philips CD-I, released in 1991 on the discs, takes pride of place in the list of bad prefixes