Morning sex

rankovi sexMen and women are very different, one unlike some of the others: men enjoy morning sex, while women prefer sexual activity in the night. Perhaps this is because during sleep in men, usually occurs 3-5 erections, and in the morning they are also ready to fight. Wake up with an erection is a good reason to engage in morning sex. Unfortunately, your girl may not be in the mood as soon as I open my eyes, but if it is the right approach, she’ll want sex just as you are.

Prepare in the evening

To avoid having to stand in front of morning sex, you have to prepare for it the night before. Put it next to the bed, mints or mouthwash, so as not to frighten the girl with his morning breath. In addition, from the evening go to the toilet in the morning and not wanted. Don’t forget to put a condom nearby, at arm’s length.

Set your internal alarm clock

It is important to Wake up early enough to have time for sex before work. Get your inner clock so that you have enough time to enjoy morning sex before a hard day. Best of all, if you Wake up right in front of her and Wake her with their gentle movements. Remember, you have to be ready, but you will need some time to warm up it is also necessary to take into account when you’re trying to calculate how long you need to take for morning sex.

Gently Wake her up

Your woman will likely not want to Wake up from something that you poke her with their dignity in the face, hold your horses. Touch her softly and slowly. Kiss her whole face and body. Run your fingers through her hair. This sensual approach will help to awaken it in a positive, loving mood and will have her for morning sex. If you need advice, please read how to seduce a sleeping woman.

Make her feel sexy

Your friend may feel not particularly attractive, when just woke up. Get her in the mood, tell her she’s beautiful even if she looks sleepy. Don’t pay attention to her tangled hair, the imprint of the pillow on her face and not the most pleasant morning breath — tell me you want it. If she (are you sure) will survive, because it looks bad, choose a position where you will not need to be face-to-face. For example, the pose of the spoon romantic and very sensitive, and it helps to avoid having to feel stale morning breath each other.

Start the day well

Sex can be a great start to the day. It increases the level of the hormone of joy, you smile and start much easier to relate to daily adversity. Morning sex with the day to day can be a chore, especially for girls, which day cycle is different from yours, but a nice variety to your sex life.

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