Morgan Freeman fell asleep


This dude almost became a legend, there is in him something incredible, enjoyable and exceptional. And his face, which, if you believe the creators of South Park, appear at it when he explains something to people.

The other day this dude was very amusing incident, which, in spite of everything, does not detract from his coolness.

In an interview with Q13 FOX News in honor of his new movie «now you see me» Morgan Freeman fell asleep and then fell asleep, while his partner in the picture, the 80-year-old Michael Caine, honestly answered questions. First, Morgan was attached, closed eyes a couple of times, and when Michael all talked about the undoubted advantages of the new book, Freeman couldn’t hold back and fell asleep. For immediately there was this roller under a funny sign: «All O. K., Morgan. We all know bill’s voice can lull anyone.»

Sure on the reputation of the Freeman, it would have no impact, he’s 75 years old, can be forgiven.

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