More reasons to get started in the kitchen

More reasons to get started in the kitchen

Science warm up in the microwave, put it in the oven frozen pizza and cereal and milk is transferred among the male half of the population from mouth to mouth. Many more is necessary: that man is not the case. Nobody expects a full-fledged man, he’s going to start batsat the three course dinners, but this ability becomes necessary. Times are changing (not for the better), and changing ideas about men. In our time, the ability to cook will go to the man only good. It generally always goes in his favor: an extra skill in your Toolbox never hurts and will solve several problems.

My story

I started cooking out of necessity. In 18 years became a vegetarian and didn’t want mom was cooking is now twice as much food: actually for me and for the rest of the family. I had to learn from scratch: some sandwiches and fruit does not go far. First, of course, came a terrible concoction, but over time, food became edible, and then completely delicious. And various vegetable stews, cereal, and soups, and soy — now I can do anything, even bake a cake. Hunger motivates, let me tell you. Here’s a few more reasons to finally settle among the pots and pans.

1. This will increase your value

Here everything is simple as ABC: to be of great value, it is necessary to have lots of advantages. The more you have, the more valued in the working world and in the world of relationships. To get a girl, you have to show how you all of a good. If you can do something that is not capable of most men, you are almost out of competition. In other words, you’re worth more than others, if you’re more useful. To use is the ability to cook food.

2. You’re even cooler than women

The best cooks are always men, don’t even try to argue. My father was periodically exposed mom out of the kitchen to do some cool Chinese dish, and it was uniquely delicious. He did such meat that even now I remember it with nostalgia. Mom silently went to the room to watch the show, and I was proud of what dad done. So, you’re not going to shut her up for the belt, but will show how to cook <insert name of food>.

3. You’re going to hit

The woman will not only be happy to sit on your ass while you cook: your ability to cope in the kitchen will interest her and impress her. Considering that it’s located, it will be another (perhaps decisive) reason to after dinner, don’t rush home and stay you… all night. So the date you have with a traditional dinner is a great way to show off abilities, but also an aphrodisiac.

4. This shows your independence

The ability to cook like screaming that you can take care of himself. Others your self-sufficiency will be evident, especially women, who tend to trust anyone who once fed them. You’re a man who can stand up for themselves and provide for themselves by all known ways. Moreover, you personality. Some kind of personality, if specializiruetsya on something special: I’m a vegetarian hawk, someone is Italian or Japanese, someone — cakes. Yes, it happens.

5. It is beneficial to your health

Direct causal relationship: prepare yourself — eat healthy foods. When you’re doing everything that is usually hidden from your eyes behind closed doors, you can guarantee it. You obviously don’t pour the food in too much oil, to use recycled ingredients and without a twinge of conscience to sweeten, as is done in fast-food outlets and restaurants. When you cook yourself, you yourself are responsible for what goes into your body, and make a more informed choice, especially if fitness for you — native element. There is nothing better than eating healthy food, about which everybody knows and which you have prepared according to your taste. So even to lose weight will be enjoyable!

6. It’s cheaper

When you start to cook itself, you will notice a pleasant change not only in your body but also your wallet. You can drive to the hypermarkets to buy food for the whole next week and spend much less than if you were eating fast food and processed foods. And if you talk about markets and agricultural fairs, it is a holiday for all budgets: everything fresh and very cheap. Go and enjoy as a real housewife.

You’ll love it

If you want all these pleasures, practice in the kitchen. If you have already prepared, do not be afraid to try new recipes. If you don’t even know how to fry an egg, start right now: never too late to learn and not before). You can even come up with a rule: either eat what I prepare myself, or not eat, and then death is certainly can motivate you. And indeed, the ability to cook does not require you superhuman efforts and expenses, but pays for itself hundreds of times. So, why not?

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