More about the man

Pavlo loopsThe idea of men changing with the times. Previously typical male was considered very different features, not like now. Earlier it was supposed to do to man and what is best not to opt in to the new time?


Men’s lair is empty pathetic. Why the man must be some kind of separate from the common home, the «den»?

Earlier man obeyed all his house, he didn’t need any mancave. Women’s realm was limited to the kitchen and bathroom. Now everything has changed. The woman became the absolute mistress of the house, which tells the husband to put socks and where not to place wet towels. Unfortunately, the house is now not about the guy.

Maintenance of the vehicle

Every man should be able to change the oil, know the basics of plumbing, to use a hammer drill and other basic tools and somehow fix the electronics.

Best of all, even if you never did anything of the above, it is not a problem: otkryvali Google for two minutes, and you theoretically savvy. Now hardly anyone can work at home: give everyone the plumbers and people who are changing over their video card. Not a real man!

To drive manual transmission

If you can be managed only by automatic transmission, it’s kind of… gay. The stereotype, of course, but men well versed in the art. They must be able to drive the car on mechanics. Me which one is obvious?

Strong body

It’s simple: the fashion for skinny, frail geeks with glasses and all these guys from the category «muscles don’t matter» enslaved men. It’s nice that you can do nothing, not to challenge myself, not to bother, not to drag the iron to catch up — why? Muscles don’t matter, you matter, you are not listed on the sexual market.

A man should be strong. Otherwise it wasn’t any good. No Bank open, no sofa to move — good-for-nothing. If you compare the puny intellectual and strong man, of course, women first pahaut and pahaut on the mercy of the thin guy, but would dig me with all the same on the second. Think about who you want to be: a nice room with a dog or a Spartan.

Work-worn hands

Long gone in the history of the days when men worked hard, and their hands were calloused, firm, and tight — these hands of a working man. Today, even to lift weights, we put on special gloves. Sissy, and only.


In our society, few of enthusiasts, fans, enthusiastic and deeply immersed in something people. We have a wide selection of everything, we can do anything and not doing anything. The problem is that we all laid out on a silver platter, and the availability was never attractive. No passion — only selectivity jaded person.

Find your passion and follow it. It can be anything: music, business, blogging is actually any hobby. No, video games don’t count.


There was a time when it was considered the norm to push back the chair in front of a lady or open a door. Now, in the West of courage, this behavior may pleasantly surprise a friend. Today we do not see the need for it, and if you can see, still think twice before deciding on something like that. Why? Scary to seem subservient, rag heel that will do anything for a favorable glance.


— Honey, what do you want for dinner?

— I do not know, choose.

I don’t care, be what you want.

And so constantly. We always put off making decisions and avoiding even such a minor responsibility, as the choice of food, drink, movie night. And pick something, and then defend their opinion, if it is not agree! This is normal, and lean lack of initiative of mine — that’s not normal.

More about determination: it’s time for you to make a decision. You’ll be a man, or what?

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