Morality without religion

Impeccable morality, which the religious person says, includes stoning for adultery? Death for apostasy? The punishment for breaking the Sabbath? All of these things based on religion, is impeccable morality. I don’t think I would like to have such morals. I want a morality based on conscious arguments and discussions. You could say, intelligent design.

– Richard Dawkins –

Why are we so screwed? Everyone has their own answer. For example, some believe that there is no ass there, and everything is going his way, and the fall of the economy in hell is very common. Others see it as something divine and dangerous. Morality, they say, has become less, and that life is getting worse. But if we assume that the last statement is true, then how to raise this same morality? It seems to be building a Church, and the priests began to sing, and mosques became more. It seems to be the Foundation for a moral rebirth of Russia long already, and the people don’t mind imbued with spirituality and the wax candles fell in love. Why is this not working?

Here it is necessary to think thoroughly, because the question for the ages. Of course, we are not saying that religion is medieval nonsense, which should be forgotten as quickly as possible. Why do we say that? We have in the wording of even a few copies of the Bible is (God knows where came from), which yuzayutsya boredom come the problem with the Internet. Maybe even have the Quran, because it is now a hot topic causing concern. We just want to say that morality is possible without a religious basis, what many thought.

Religion defines the society

All people are born with a nose and five fingers on the hand, and none of them is born with concept of God.

– Voltaire –

Of course, the power of Christianity over the minds of the European people is still terrible. And it’s not as bad as it seems, because by itself, civilization has absorbed some of the Christian traits, by which we became who we are. There are no pros and cons, and just the bare facts. In antiquity, religion also played a significant role in a person’s life, but rather, it was a real part of his life, like the sun, sky and sea. It was not such a pretentious instruction that is in any of the world religions now. Were the gods of evil were good, they were little different from humans and is also screwed up, shame, was drunk, was given to fornication and made history. We, the modern humanity, it is difficult to understand how ancient people lived and what he believed to be evil and good. The world was delineated black and white, and it was full of other mixed colors.

All this was not in the moment when he passed the reins to monotheistic, in fact, totalitarian religions, where God’s power was not subject to appeal. Went the dark ages, science and philosophy were thrown back hundreds of years. It seems that enough today to refer to the monotheistic faiths with suspicion. If in the ancient pagan myths or legends, we can observe a certain level of independence an ordinary man, in Christianity, he is a slave of God. But do not judge strictly, because the middle ages were quite severe at times, occasionally, when there is really a centralized state, which demanded the population of complete submission. What kind of personal freedom could there be?

Then we see the Renaissance and the triumphant March of rationalism. The breakdown of the traditional religious way of life occurred long ago, and now we see how the currents within Christianity trying to adapt to a changing world, the challenge of the time. It is unlikely you would find something in common between Christianity and first century Christianity in the twenty-first century. In any case, the religion is constantly changing, and some even manage to act in a positive way, providing a sense of a million human lives. On the other hand, the concept of good and evil that came to us from the «dark ages», has undergone changes, remaining at its core the same. Now Christian morality is not a monopoly in the marketplace of ideas, and the society, despite the apparent religiosity, prefers to be guided by secular values. And even Milonova Larionovym will not be able to change that.

The morality of the atheist

If you look at morality, which is accepted among modern people, among the people of the XXI century, you will see that we no longer have slavery, we believe in the equality of women, we believe in friendship of peoples, good attitude to animals. All of this appeared recently. It’s almost irrelevant to biblical and Quranic Scriptures. These are things that appeared during the historical period on the basis of consensus considerations, sober, reasoned statements, legal theory, political and philosophical morality. It wasn’t religion it is.

– Richard Dawkins –

Under these cheerful words of one of the most prominent evolutionists, we would like to continue our stories about morality. Alexander Nevzorov, there is a journalist, often suggests that a secular person to live in Russia every year more difficult. Many succumb to pressure, go away and begin to flow into the turbulent flow that they need. Well, really, the «official party line» such that the normality is considered to be Orthodox morality, but atheists – freaks that don’t know what to expect. Of course, the people did not immediately kerf in the subject, but is starting to catch up with her. A community of atheists in Russia are quite numerous, but almost all of them are amorphous, do not understand what to do and how to defend their point of view in the information space. Like anything terrible happens, but fears that there will ever be something similar with the Orthodox Caliphate, is.

Theology is man’s attempt to explain what he does not understand himself. The task is not to tell the truth, and to give a satisfactory answer.

– Elbert Hubbard –the Main issue, which is set believer to atheist, is: «how do you know where good and evil where if you don’t believe in God?» of course, opinions diverge, but the answer is to be able. First, the concepts of good and evil is not Christian, Islamic or Buddhist values. We observed in ancient times what was considered acceptable and what is wrong. Besides, history shows that even Christian rules radically changed with the passage of time that destroys the myth of their permanence. Show trial against Galilei, who was charged with «suspicion of heresy», was found to recant his views, was tortured and kept some time in prison. Only in 1972 the verdict overturned, and October 31, 1992, after 359 years after the trial of an outstanding scientist, the Pope acknowledged that the whole process was a mistake and the teachings of Copernicus were true, that is, the dogmas crumble under the pressure of time and of evidence, even the most hidebound organizations have to retreat from his own words. Second, there is a wonderful philosophy, attitude to life, which is called humanism, or, speaking in Russian, humanity.

Humanism is a progressive life stance that, without the aid of belief in the supernatural affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical way of life in order fulfillment and the desire to bring the greater benefit of mankind.

The emergence of humanism was preceded by the works of many outstanding and brilliant minds: philosophers of antiquity, figures of the Renaissance, the philosophers, the existentialists and writers of many Nations. This concept has developed over the centuries outside the Church walls and outside of the dogma that has had a positive impact on the content. The philosophy of humanism is the main tool in the relationship with the people of any right of the state. Of course, it should be ideally, but the reality is much sadder.

But this does not mean that you have to bend to someone’s desire to restore the loose structure of society, which mayest hundreds of years ago. This time is different, the population is decentralized, there is the Internet, which gives us access to almost everything that you could ever want in terms of information, it is possible to think freely and not get in the face for it. To be a good person – not a task of the Church and a spiritual mentor, and your task. Except we don’t kill people just because the law States you cannot kill them? Isn’t stealing TVs from stores because I’m afraid to be roasted in hell’s frying pan? Yes, there are limitations, but they are all completely bogus, far-fetched. Man is born free, but not born evil. That’s the truth. Everything else is just a desire to nail you.

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