Monty Python — the ones that invented the modern humor

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Dude, if you think when someone is joking obscenities from the stage, it all appeared very recently on the strength of 20 years ago. Besides, if you think, man, that jokes about genitalia in any case are vulgar, you are categorically wrong. The proof of these dudes who can joke as you like, anything, and was always very unusual and original. The reason is simple: it was a very talented guys, despite the fact that among them there was not a single professional actor.

In the mid-60’s the six guys who wrote the texts for many Comedy shows, decided to get together and do something that will put a twist on humor, once and for all, remarkably, they succeeded entirely. These guys were able to create a new word humor, new techniques, genres. They showed that if anything to do with talent, even the most vulgar joke can be subtle and unusual, are meaningless and she’s so funny. Many of bro humor Monty ^ Robert Cushman, by the way, is completely understandable. Reason? A lot of them, most likely, all may be the fact that you’re not relaxed and can’t imagine absurd. It’s good, man.

Because at that time the BBC was dominated by liberal views on humor, the venerable authors gave full freedom of action, man could do whatever you want, however, they still advised not to do the show cruel and not to joke about sex. That is why the second episode of the first season of the show was called «Sex and Violence».

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The show was called «Flying Circus Monty Python’s» and literally blew up the air. The show turned a look at humor, has taught many people to joke crazy, and most of the jokes from it have migrated to other applications and the jokes of many modern comedians. «Flying Circus Monty Python» was a set of sketches, many of which are classics. Look, each such sketches as «Dead parrot», «Spanish Inquisition», «the ultimate film» and many many others that have already become classics. The show lasted four seasons, the third season, by the way, left one of the guys — John Cleese, who believed that children scribbled, and the show has exhausted itself.

But the group decided not to stop on reached and in 1975 with John Cleese is back, but now on the big screen, removing the great movie «Monty Python and the Holy Grail». The film instantly became a classic, was instantly dismantled for quotes, and became extremely popular. This is despite the fact that he was dismissed for mere pennies. In the truest sense of the word, man, even the coat of mail for gallant knights of Camelot is nothing but colored silver paint sweaters, chunky knits. In addition, many «Easter eggs» transferred to modern movies and games. Game Fallout 2 included the knights of the round table and the Holy grenade of Antioch as pleasant meetings and bonuses. It is worth noting that in the process of shooting almost the entire crew drank continuously, and Graham Chapman, who played king Arthur, was drunk, which helped the children to retain some madness.

The next film Monty Python was «the Life of Brian (1978)». Even the «Holy Grail» is nothing compared to the citation of this film. Almost every quote included in the story. The film was created with the purpose to annoy and make fun of religion, a fanatical follower of Jesus and over the people generally. In fact, the film touched almost all aspects of human life and they are severely embarrassed. Vital recommend you to watch it, man.

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The last film of ^ Robert Cushman was the «Meaning of life Monty Python,» published in 1983. In fact, it is a set of sketches, each of which illustrates a certain stage of human life in order to understand what’s the point. Yet none of the movie or the skit these guys did not contain so much cruelty, cynicism, sex and good fit of humor as this movie. And there is a very delivers the song about… the semen that is actually quite subtly makes fun of Catholics? How is this even possible, you ask? Easy, it’s Monty Python.

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All members of the company, except, perhaps, Graham Chapman very well settled in life, have become good actors and Directors. Graham to settle in life could not, went with interesting lectures throughout England, and then died of cancer.

We recommend that you vital to look at any movie or one of the seasons of the show these guys provided that you’ll like the movie. We assure you you’ll love it, it’s really brilliant humor and satire!

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