Monoblock Lenovo IdeaCentre C460

Monoblock for many users something controversial. Doesn’t look like a standard system blocks with peripherals and laptops useful in the economy. But in the wording set monoblocks, and we assessed their mobility and convenience for work. In fairness it should be noted that for the mono approach is not always the combination of powerful hardware always comes with a big price, but if you are not confused, maybe it’s time to think about the candy bar?

Monoblock Lenovo IdeaCentre C460 is fitted with a 21.5 inch screen and all the chances to replace the computer for work. The display resolution of 1920×1080, Full HD, bright sunlight will not prevent you from working, since the screen is completely matte.

Black or white) matte plastic case hides a dual-core Intel Pentium G3220 processor with a clock frequency of 3000 MHz. For multi-tasking meets internal memory capacity of 4096 MB, slot for memory two, if you wish, you can increase the amount of RAM up to 8 GB. To play all the latest toys with the help of the NVIDIA GeForce 705M with the amount of RAM is 2048 MB. There are additional graphics card — Intel HD Graphics memory 1632 MB. Sound meets sound card Dolby Advanced Audio. For data storage corresponds to a terabyte «screw», the speed of which is 7200 rpm./min. unfortunately, the SSD AIO PC Lenovo IdeaCentre C460 no. It was probably for the best: otherwise, the candy bar would cost much more. Card Reader supports the following formats: SD/MMC/MS/Pro. For video calls the brainchild Lenovo equipped with a video camera with a meager 1.3 Megapixel resolution, might have to buy a new one.

Weight — 6.5 kg, software — MS Windows 8. Cost devaysa Lenovo IdeaCentre C460 — up to 23 thousand rubles. Included is a keyboard and mouse. Distributed in black and white versions, looks a bit cheap.

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