manygoodtips.com_31.07.2014_TCirLE9GTU9vtEvery day, without knowing it, you’re wasting a decent amount of money. We gave advice on how to raise money. Today we will tell you what costs you should give to your piggy Bank filled quickly.

1. Purchase of branded items

Whenever you buy expensive cereal in the bags, remember our advice: just take two packages of expensive and cheap, and compare their composition. You’re surprised to find absolutely identical lists of ingredients on both packages. And, believe me, as is the case with very many things. You pay a brand and not for quality.

2. Shopping on an empty stomach

Going to the supermarket with empty stomach you can fill as many unnecessary, expensive and likely harmful stuff that whole week you’ll be surprised, opening your own refrigerator.

3. The habit of snacking on the go

For all your life, you spend a lot, just a cosmic amount of money on mineral water and Snickers, which you had to purchase during the walk. At the same time, you could take water with him (for what is sold in little plastic bottles at every corner often no better than water from the tap at your house) and get a decent Breakfast (instead of trying to numb the hunger for sweet and unhealthy snacks).

4. Shopping with a plastic card

This tiny rectangle of plastic — a very tricky thing. On the one hand, to pay for purchases with it, much more convenient than cash, on the other hand, you risk to lose control over their finances, all the while dealing with the credit card. The habit of paying the card is easy to make a normal person a complete Shopaholic. Of course, you track the balance using mobile banking, but what are these numbers on the screen of the mobile is relatively vooon with this cool device. Electronic money is not felt as real, man. Better use cash

5. Buying clothes for full price

During sales, the stores sometimes throw 70-80% of the price of clothing. And, believe me, they don’t work at a loss. Moreover, even falling in price so low, they get some profit.

This means that the price of things without a discount so is not comparable with its real value, what to buy her for the money it would be insane.

6. Using a lot of flyers

Say, a cute girl-promoter gave you a flyer for a 20% discount when you buy rolls in a famous sushi bar. And here you are, never eat the rolls, confidently at the sushi bar to give their blood for something that you, in principle, not particularly interesting.

And so on. Discounts and other promotions, of course, are attractive, but buying something that you don’t need just because you have a coupon — this is the height of idiocy.

7. Purchase of packaged and sliced food

Meats, washed vegetables in vacuum packaging and such things may seem to be you, lazybones, it’s really convenient, however, the cost of the work, who cut the vegetables for you, in reality, much less than that figure that the store is added to the price of the product itself.

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