Money is killing us

manygoodtips.com_27.08.2014_aIFw5xRvzor86Let’s sit down at the table, imbued with the spirit of pessimism or realism. Here everyone chooses. Recently people all over the world shuddered to hear about what their favorite actor, a hero since childhood, Robin Williams has committed suicide. And as you know, he did it not because of financial difficulties.

There are pundits who believe that money and fame is enough to be happy. They don’t understand how it is to be so popular, to row money with a shovel and it is easy to give your life. I hope you are not as narrow-minded and realize that people on TV are often unhappy.

1.Money can’t buy happiness

Robin Williams was a very rich, but he suffered from lingering depression. Of course, if you’re homeless you won’t be super-happy. You need some balance. Don’t let money completely to decide their fate.

At least you have a computer or smartphone you’re reading this article. Many it is not. Instead of all the time to think about the rich sometimes I think about the poor.

2.In Russia sucks with money

You used to throw all our country that you do not hit. We are not saying that you should be inflamed with love for politicians. No one and never love. We will always be on different sides of the barricades. You have merely to love the place where you live. Why?

Take for example the America that you love so much. Foreign debt 17 trillion dollars, and this amount is growing every day. Can you imagine if they start to pay the money now and will give one dollar per second, they’ll spend 184000 years. And don’t forget that the debt is growing all the time. In short it will never end.

We are the fact. In the absence of your money is not to blame Russia. In the US people are unemployed, and you have all the chances to find a decent salary. A debt pit of America could theoretically kill the country. But, of course, not kill.

3. Money, they do kill

Did you know that during the economic crisis 2008-2010, 10,000 people have committed suicide in Europe and North America. Very sad figure, isn’t it? We have become so addicted consumer that can not cope with the lack of money. Really, without them now survive. In a world where everything is bought and sold.

We’re saying that eventually money will kill you. You’re too dependent. And there is nothing wrong, because all of these, because it’s okay. If you suddenly become normal is the other people and you’re a cannibal, this is not anything bad.

This again is society we foisted, foist strict limits, and we wallow in it as they can. There is nothing wrong with what you want to improve your financial situation. We are only talking about what you don’t have to forget who you are. If you start acting like scum, then soon will turn on you.

You’ll be fabulously rich, but you’ll be alone in a luxurious house, you’re gonna take this pile of money. You are gonna adore these papers, but at the same time and hate it because they stole your life. And do you have no choice but to go into a loop.

Kind of sad it turned out, we just wanted to once again give food for thought. You understand that you live.

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