Money: Everything you need to know about filthy lucre

Money — a strange thing: all of them simultaneously hate and love. For them we toil at work five days a week for eight hours daily, thanks to them we have something to eat and what to wear and where to come after the work. For that money I like. However, these same do not give money to me to buy an apartment, or even your own apartment, to travel every month and buy all interesting stuff to me. Thus the money cause I have antipathy. Today’s post will make you stop bombing about the financial issue. At least we hope.

1. Forget about the desire to get rich quick

Be patient. Sure which of your friends are driving nice cars, goes on vacation to cool places and buys the best tickets to sports games (I always wonder where people get the money for seats on the basketball floor). Where? They are either in debt, or sit on the neck mom and dad.

Most of us, unlike these guys have to earn a living independently. We have to pay for everything and also save for the future. The most valuable thing that can give you the employer is not salary, and experience. Therefore, squeeze out of everything you come across in life, the maximum experience. Be a volunteer, volunteer to perform tasks that initially you are not very attracted to. If the employer is willing to pay for your courses, do not hesitate to agree: this is not the fastest way to get rich, but more useful than winning the lottery.

2. Put away some money for the future

Old age always seems far away, we all tend to consider themselves immortal and have the gift of eternal youth. If you are officially employed, it would seem that it makes no sense to set aside money for old age, everything is done for you. Is something being done, but the amount charged is so minimal that it is better to think about themselves.

In any case, better put away some money every month. Even if you say that you’re expelled. Next year, for example, we will deduct a pension tax but will not transfer these funds to our account in the pension Fund. In short, prepare sledge in the summer.

3. Don’t put goals beyond the clouds

Once you have a solid Foundation, when you’ll catch up with all of your debts when you should save yourself the money for the airbag, there will come a time to collect. First of all we must remember that before him you need to set mediocre goals.

Mid range is the idea of where you want to be and what to do in the next six to fifteen years. Where you want to be and what you want to do? Do you think you’re getting married? Will continue to get an education? Start your own business? Take a vacation for a year to travel around the world? You can plan your life how you want. To translate these plans into reality, you need to save and invest.

4. Osprey stabilization Fund

No one is immune from the force majeure. It’s not even a question of «if», it’s a question of «when». When you suddenly lose your job? When you have a leak, the sink in the head the neighbors? When you get sick?

Experts always advised to defer in such a case the amount equal to your expenses for three to six months. It seems that collecting the money is difficult, but we can help you. But you will always have money for a rainy day.

5. Watch what you spend

«I don’t know what to do with my salary». A familiar story. How many times have I heard myself say these words! If you are familiar with this problem, do yourself a favor: watch how to spend your hard-earned money.

No need to track every penny, but you should still know the direction of their financial flows. If you have a full idea of where they come from, where they go is a more difficult question. Deal with it. Take a notebook and meticulously painted their costs.

6. As little as possible, take loans

Today on credit it is possible to buy not only an apartment or a car, but even the phone. Wait, do not hurry to rejoice. Is to take a loan is not the same as that for the first time to try a drug?

So, with the help of the loan you can afford immediately to what in another case would have to collect. All is good, but there is one «but»: you take strangers at the time — giving her forever. You do not mind all these rolling interest? Are you willing to pay to not wait? Sure? It’s childish. Besides, postponing the pleasure, you’re just doing yourself a favor.

7. If you took out a loan, to pay premiums on it in the first place

If you’re already hanging out a loan or mortgage, these contributions will in no case be neglected. Pay them as soon as I get paid. Why? Because if you do not pay the mortgage, one day people will come from the Bank and evict you from your own apartment, because she is, sadly, not really your property. It is the property of the Bank, which slowly moves into your hands. In addition, failure to credit will provide the appearance of your name in the black lists of all banks.

8. Think twice before making a big purchase

All new things are beautiful and smell good. New things a pleasure to use. With the new thing you immediately begin to feel more confident, more relaxed and freer.

Unfortunately, this freedom is only imaginary. When you invest most of his wages or your savings to a purchase, you have to hustle, to reshape the budget and collect with a vengeance, in order to quickly restore your reserves for a rainy day. Before any major purchase ask yourself: is that really so necessary? At the same time, the same shot will kill the second hare, who potreblyadstvo.

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