Money can’t buy happiness? Even as a buy!

Money can’t buy happiness? Even as a buy!

money can't buy happinessPeople with empty pockets like to talk about how little happiness depends on the thickness of the purse. My pockets are a little less than empty, but I understand that sometimes using money to become happier, or at least to cheer yourself up. Of course, love and children, money can’t buy (although if you try, you just might find the baby at a low price), but this happiness is not limited. As a rule, a lot of nice little things add up to a pleasant the same overall picture — but these little things you can get for the loot. What?

1. Tickets to the local «Comedy club» or a Comedy

They say laughter is the best medicine. Say it so often that I even stopped believing in it: as people, are tearing the ass with all his strength, shouting: «HALVA-Ah!!!» — hoping to feel the sweetness in your mouth.

And they’re right. If you look at things quite simply, everything looks so. When you’re happy you laugh. The best way to feel happiness is to laugh. Although the «Comedy club» — a very controversial way to make myself laugh.

2. Gym membership

Well, persuaded, is not cheap. At the end of it all, sport can be practiced at home and on the street — why spend the extra cash? That may be so, but when you realise that you’ve wasted money on a monthly membership, met the dude in a rocking chair and imbued with common kachkaval mood, it can be a pretty good motivation. First, physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins so you’re happier right during training. Second, because of sports sooner or later you are starting to look better and feel, you will rise self — esteem- how great is this? Option to live happily ever after. So maybe you can finally meet a beautiful girl or you’ll get the same increase- who knows?

3. New clothes

I admit, I have a simplistic attitude to clothes. When I torn my pants, I’m trying to pretend that was waiting for it, and with strained gaiety in the voice asking the question: «What time is it?» and, made a semblance of a smile, replied: «adventure Time!» and trudge to the store. So, don’t be like me. What side clothing refers to happiness?

It’s just as simple. When you look good, you feel good. Self-esteem is directly related to happiness. You’ll be more confident and will start to get more fun: «Mama, how I got you so good?»

4. New bed

About a third of his life we spend in sleep. I never wrote: now I’m sad that a third of my life, I just sleep. I napped eight years of his life, dude! And you’re no better. But sleep enhances memory, speeds up metabolism, takes part in weight control, reduces irritability, improves cardiovascular health and strengthens the immune system. Hmm, not so bad — maybe I should sleep for a couple of years more? So, we sleep on bed, so good bed — head.

5. Meditation classes

People are stupid. To tell you why? There are a lot of reasons, but the first one is the most blunt: we can’t rest. I’m shit at debunker, because I am not able to disconnect from the workflow and from time to time on vacation went to the site, rules, texts and cecal, all is well. So, rest need to learn.

If you know how to relax, how to be happy. Nobody will teach you this better than dude from yoga class, or someone like him.

6. Guitar

Maybe not the guitar and another musical instrument — in my case the drums, because I hrenovenky, but very proud of the drummer. Or maybe you will appreciate more trips to the section on rock climbing or sampler — very cool thing!

In short, the idea is this: we must invest in yourself. Need to try something new and not sit idly by.

7. Lunch with the dudes

You pay by check! Why? Because, oddly enough, spending on others makes us happier than spending on themselves. To pay for your drinks one at the bar, buy a friend a gift and such a great way to feel better.

8. New stereo system

Don’t know a single person who would not like to listen to music. Of course, everyone has different tastes, someone — frankly shitty, but the essence remains the same. Good sound will please everyone. That is why I do not understand people who listen to music through the headset from the phone or from the speaker of laptop.

9. Diary

Damn thing related to work and planning — what is she doing in this list? Conclusions quite boring? Annoying, but not quite.

The fact that the rush and the panic to constantly spoil our mood. Easy to go out if in the middle of the day you will reach that you lost some important thing and just forgot everything. To prevent this from happening, you need a diary. As they say stupid Schoolgirls Vkontakte: «Hey, Princess, less stress.»

10. Vacation

The easiest and most reliable way to buy happiness. First, you’ll have to wait for this trip, and feeling — this is happiness. Second, you look at the new scenery will change the picture, learn something new, meet — always love the trip.

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