Moments of childhood that will save your adult life

manygoodtips.com_18.04.2016_wE1ktQ4FyFeseTo be a child is much more fun than being an adult. Completely different mentalities, and the children are much cleaner and healthier. Like all my childhood preparing for adult life, be serious, renounce the childish antics, but in vain. Some moments can be great to ease your adult life. As one clever man, childhood is a state of mind, when life has not completely disappointed. To hell with it, went to the child, there is steeper.

Less coffee, more juice

Do you love coffee? Really stupid question even absolutely meaningless. But if to ride the wave of memory …dtsat years ago, I realize that it was not always so. Once the coffee seemed disgusting liquid that the devil knows how to drink these strange adults. In addition, his mother was strictly forbidden to eat the bitter black liquid, claiming that the young men under the age of 10 these drinks are harmful. Teachers… They knew that any ban only increases the desire, so we tried him secretly, trying to understand what makes him so good. And quietly sat down.

And then, as a child, we enthusiastically drank the juice, except, of course, when and other sparkling things. Drinking Cola every day has allowed not for everyone, and therefore its presence on the table was a holiday. Even those who taste these drinks didn’t like (and there are) «drowned» many-colored liquids purely out of principle. But the juice was considered useful, therefore, if you had the opportunity, he definitely bought. Especially prized Apple: peeled, without microosmotic like orange or peach, with a pleasant taste. And all firmly believed in its usefulness.

Now the problem is the utility is not crucial, you can squeeze yourself. Much healthier than drinking a dozen cups of instant, Sardi a day.

Back to coloring

Coloring book – is a mandatory attribute of any child, a kind of Bible of drawing. To paint and draw loved not all (in any case, the author always stepped over the border, I was too emotional and started to do other things), but to have a cool stencil with Batman or spider-Man was an honor.

However, if the children paint black and white stencil to improve the skills in drawing, care and accuracy, it is recommended to adults for other purposes – as a sedative therapy. Seemingly simple actions: sit, writing with marker on the contour, building themselves Levitan and playing with colors cooler Kandinsky, calm down and come to harmony with itself.

And there is no shame, Ozzy Osbourne so already 10 years restores a dead drug and alcohol mental harmony. And if you feel that a nervous breakdown is looming somewhere nearby, then grab crayons and a coloring book Winx. Will be cheaper than therapy.

Healthy sleep

Life is totally unfair. Why the world is arranged so that all the beauty of NAP you feel only in adulthood, at a time when it is unable to pay or to chase with wet rags. Because there is always lethargic and sleepy, dreaming of a bed with the appearance on the job.

We often do not have enough sleep. Need more sleep, go to bed early, and if possible, take a NAP during lunch break. If work does not allow such insolence – you take the day off, of course, to the detriment of the salary, but for the sake of health.

Sport for fun a sedentary lifestyle, you can go crazy and make a big pile of disease, not to mention traditional hemorrhoids. But the fact of the matter is a transitional age when we were not sitting idle, constantly playing football, riding their bikes and stuffing each other’s faces. And it was great, we have received the portion of cardio exercises and were much healthier than now. All until the moment when leisure time became more static, computerized and alcohol. Now you dream that someone gave loving punishing Fibonacci and forced you to participate in such events. At least some activity.

Hang out with friends without cell phones

And once we could communicate without our phones. First, except snakes in them there was nothing interesting, and secondly, they were not everyone. We talked, seeing each other’s faces. Now any discussion is inevitably accompanied by stuck in the phone and the face of an old comrade’s easier to see in Instagram than to see him behind the box of the smartphone. It may be wise to turn them off even during personal meetings? Still not with the phone came to communicate and not to evaluate the skill set of messages.

To take a bubble bath

It is now a shower is considered a more practical tub for bath treatments, and childhood people who have not had a bath, felt a bit sorry for. After all, they had all the time to stand, leaning on the cold tiled floor, as if they were characters out of a Thriller, and you could sprawl and take a bath, trying to knock down the foam, like in the movies. But life passes in a hurry, on such bourgeois pleasures and not enough time. And in vain, very relaxing. Pour yourself a drink, run a bath (or a bath of beer, it happens), turn the music up and open… Just lie down.

To ask additional questions

Children are curious beings, capable of continuously ask questions, to explore the world. However, when you grow up and deal with the «flower of life» which makes the brain your «what?» «but why?» you begin to feel some remorse to the parents for the «sins» of the past. And from school to ask questions is considered a lot of people are ignorant and stupid.Only now ashamed of this is not necessary, because all our life we learn and continue to learn. And it is much easier to ask a question than to dig in search of the answer on the Internet. And no shame in this, you are not on the exam. And when it comes to the simple things, then you are the sucker.

Watch cartoons instead of news

In Hollywood began to make mass consumption movie news watch just boring, they are more frustration than joy, old movies rather tired – all this makes angry and sad. So look at cartoons, just like old times. No shame in this, only environmentally friendly positive.

Read yourself a bedtime story

Put down the phone, turn off the movie and read yourself a bedtime story, just like old times. I’ll have to read on their own, but it does not matter: already a big, long boy, he can handle it. Only select older stories, anything from Palahniuk, Hesse and the like. At the same time remember what it’s like to sleep under the impression from reading and eagerly devour page after page.

Stop worrying about what other people think

Look at childlike. Children don’t give a shit what people think about them, they don’t care what they’re wearing, what do you think about their behavior and Hobbies. Worth back many years ago, at that time when you were 7 years old, and to learn from himself. Everything went to hell, be yourself.

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